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Watch Dogs Legion guide

Watch Dogs: Legion guides and walkthroughs

Resistance is not futile

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Watch Dogs: Legion is a bizarre and ambitious game about ordinary people teaming up to resist an authoritarian regime. You can play as anyone in the world — well, anyone in London — by recruiting all sorts of different people to your hacker group, DedSec.

You’ll be using those Operatives for everything from recruiting even more Operatives to sowing discord throughout London by completing Borough Uprising activities (and their related Skilled Operatives) to saving the entire town from the corporofascist Albion paramilitary force.


Our guides will help you along every step of your fight for the future of London, beginning with your first hours. We’ve got a beginner’s guide that will help you get started, an argument for playing with permadeath turned on, and advice on where to spend your first few Tech Points.


The recruitment system is Watch Dogs: Legion’s biggest conceit and most intimidating mechanic. Every Potential Recruit and Operative has an assortment of useful weapons, gadgets, summons, and passive traits that they can put to good use in the fight against evil.

We’ve got advice on building out your team of DedSec Operatives — specifically how and why you’ll want to recruit an Albion employee early — and a guide to Watch Dogs: Legion’s Skilled Operatives, which are the six best and most useful versions the game’s (many) occupations.


Beyond the Operatives you recruit, you’ll also have access to a wide variety of gadgets, upgrades, hacks, weapons, vehicles, and uniforms. Watch Dogs: Legion isn’t really a game about guns — although you can choose to play it that way. Instead, Legion is a game of gadgets, hacks, and trickery. To succeed, you need the right tool for the job, and you have many choices.

We’ve got a guide to help you navigate London using the Autodrive ability of some cars, guides for all the gadgets and where to invest your Tech Points early, and we even have a Spiderbot guide for all the fun ways to use the best gadget in the game.