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Watch Dogs: Legion Uniformed Access for Restricted Areas guide

Clothes make the Operative

Watch Dogs: Legion guide: Uniformed Access and Restricted Areas Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via Polygon

In this Watch Dogs: Legion guide, we’ll explain what Uniformed Access is, teach you about the Restricted Areas where you’ll need it, show you how to find someone with the right outfit, and how to recruit an Operative with Uniformed Access for the red areas on the Watch Dogs: Legion map.

Uniformed Access and Restricted Areas

Uniformed Access is really just saying someone has the right outfit to go mostly unnoticed in a Restricted Area.

Restricted Areas are red blocks and buildings scattered around your map. If you zoom in and hover over them, you’ll see the Uniformed Access rules for that area. For example, the area in the image below lists “Uniformed Access For” Construction Workers and members of Clan Kelley.

Watch Dogs: Legion guide: Uniformed Access Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via Polygon

You don’t have to match your outfit to the Restricted Area, but it makes infiltrating much easier. Playing as a character with a matching Uniformed Access ability means you can walk straight into these locations without raising suspicion, while someone without that ability would be attacked on sight. You’ll still get attacked if you get too close to someone for too long, if you run or, you know, steal something.

Types of Restricted Areas

There are six Uniformed Access options for the Restricted Areas throughout Watch Dogs: Legion’s London:

  • Albion
  • Clan Kelley
  • Construction Workers
  • Medical Workers
  • Police Officers
  • Queen’s Guard

While you’re really only after the clothes, you have to recruit someone wearing the appropriate outfit first.

How to find someone with Uniformed Access

Uniformed Access is one of a Potential Recruit’s abilities — that list of zero to five perks that every person in London has. It’s always listed first, so it’s easy to spot.

Watch Dogs: Legion Uniformed Access and Restricted Areas guide
This Queen’s Guard has Uniformed Access to Buckingham Palace.
Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via Polygon

Generally, you’re just looking for someone who already has the appropriate outfit on. They tend to show up, like you’d expect, in or around the matching Restricted Areas.

For example, people with Queen’s Guard Uniformed Access are near Buckingham Palace in the southwest of London. You’ll find Albion thugs and Police guarding those locations — they’re easy to spot since their clothes tend to say Albion or Police on them.

Deep Profiler tech upgrade makes recruiting easier

Every person in Watch Dogs: Legion has an opinion about DedSec. If they dislike DedSec, they’ll have a red thumbs-down icon next to their name. A lot of the people with Uniform Access dislike DedSec, like Clan Kelley and Albion.

You can’t start a recruitment mission for someone who dislikes DedSec. You could keep looking for someone already sympathetic, but it’s much faster and easier to just buy the Deep Profiler tech upgrade (from the Tech menu) for 25 Tech Points.

Watch Dogs: Legion guide: How to build a team
The Deep Profiler tech upgrade lets you recruit people who dislike DedSec.
Image: Ubisoft via Polygon

This gives you an extra option when attempting to recruit someone. Running a Deep Profile on someone gives you Recruitment Leads — think of these as sub-missions that will open up their recruitment mission and make them more sympathetic to DedSec.

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