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Watch Dogs: Legion guide: Death from Above achievement and trophy

Kill Five Albion Guards with Dive Bomb

Watch Dogs Legion Death from Above Recruit 2 Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via Polygon

Watch Dogs: Legion is all about people with different skill sets coming together to defeat a common enemy. To that end, many of the game’s achievements and trophies focus on using a DedSec member’s unique abilities to accomplish a specific goal.

Specifically, the Death from Above achievement / trophy requires access to a hacker with the Dive Bomb ability, and that you use that ability to kill five Albion guards. Here’s how you can quickly and easily recruit a hacker with that skill, replace them if they fall victim to Watch Dogs: Legion permadeath, and quickly take out five Albion guards.

Recruiting the Drone Expert Skilled Operative

Watch Dogs Legion Death from Above Drone Expert Skilled Operative Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via Polygon

One simple way to obtain a character with the Dive Bomb ability is to complete “Wheels in Motion,” the quest which results in the Lambeth Borough Uprising. To access it, you’ll need to complete a few smaller missions in the borough. These are marked in red on the map and include activities like collecting evidence of Albion wrongdoing, disrupting Albion propaganda broadcasts, neutralizing key Albion operatives, and more.

“Wheels in Motion” sees you hacking the London Eye to prevent it from displaying propaganda, and then defending your drone from an Albion attack while the hack goes through. After you finish this, Lambeth will be defiant, and you’ll receive the Drone Expert Skilled Operative. They have the Dive Bomb skill, which allows you to rain mechanical hell on your opponents.

But, if you’re playing with permadeath enabled, it’s possible to lose this operative permanently. Luckily, there’s another location where you can reliably recruit a hacker with the Dive Bomb ability.

Recruiting a backup Drone Expert

Watch Dogs Legion Death from Above Recruit 1 Parliament Square Gardens map location
Parliament Square Gardens is here on your map
Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via Polygon

We have two playthroughs of Watch Dogs: Legion going — one with permadeath off, one with it on — and in both save files, Drone Experts consistently show up in Parliament Square Gardens.

Parliament Square Gardens in Watch Dogs: Legion
A Drone Expert hanging out in Parliament Square Gardens
Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via Polygon

You may not recognize the name, but it’s the open, grassy area across the street from DedSec headquarters in Westminster. The times when they show up will vary from operative to operative, but Parliament Square Gardens is a spot where Drone Experts consistently go to scavenge for drone parts, per the Deep Profiler. Their recruitment missions also vary from game to game and Operative to Operative, but they’ll certainly be simpler than completing the Lambeth Borough Uprising.

Kill Five Albion Guards with Dive Bomb

Watch Dogs Legion Death from Above Kill Five Guards Palace of Westminster guard catwalk
The guard catwalk at the Palace of Westminster is a great place to pick off five guards.
Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via Polygon

This isn’t difficult to pull off, especially because it doesn’t require that the kills be consecutive. It’s also far easier if you invest the necessary Tech Points in upgrading your team’s missile drone capability to the third tier, which unlocks the gadget’s ability to target enemies with lethal projectiles from a distance. Depending on how much armor the guards are boasting, you may need to hit them twice.

To make sure that you are, in fact, killing Albion guards, pull up your map, and check the encampment’s allegiance. The Palace of Westminster, immediately to the east of Parliament Square Gardens, is Albion-aligned, and an easy place to get five kills.

When you first infiltrate the Palace courtyard — which is easy to do, because the laser trigger covers only a small portion of the entrance — there will be six guards patrolling their routes. They’re far enough apart from each other that, if you time it right, you can easily take them out one-by-one without being spotted. The guard catwalk over the entrance is a great place to hide, and pick guards off without being spotted.

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