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Watch Dogs: Legion guide: Throw the Book at Them achievement and trophy

Perform 5 arrest takedowns

Watch Dogs Legion Throw the Book At Them 2 Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via Polygon

In Watch Dogs: Legion, Albion’s private police love nothing more than trampling rights and arresting citizens. As a member of the resistance, it is your responsibility to lay the smack down on them when they do. And, thanks to a Watch Dogs: Legion achievement and trophy, there’s added incentive.

To get Throw the Book At Them, you’ll need to perform five arrest takedowns. So get your suplexing arms ready, and prepare to smack some fascists around. Here’s where and when you can find arrests.

Finding Arrests

Based on our experience with the game, there is no single location where arrests are especially likely to happen. That said, crowded areas — specifically street corners — tend to attract both average citizens and Albion officers.

Location aside, there is a time in the game when arrests are more likely to happen. Before a Borough Uprising, Albion presence is significantly heavier on London’s streets, with officers regularly harassing citizens. But after completing the sequence of missions that leads to a borough’s liberation, Albion officers are pushed off the streets, making way for citizens. So, go for this achievement / trophy early. And be prepared to run.

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