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Watch Dogs: Legion guide: You Don’t See Me achievement and trophy

Escape a Pursuit Level 5 doing a Statue Emote

A Living Statue in Watch Dogs: Legion Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via Polygon

In Watch Dogs: Legion, each recruit has a special talent. Some boast a spy car packing missiles and advanced cloaking technology. Others burp involuntarily, alerting guards to their presence. And some cover themselves in metallic paint and pose for cryptocurrency tips.

That’s right! We’re talking about Living Statues, the character class you’ll need to get the You Don’t See Me Watch Dogs: Legion achievement and trophy, which requires running up a Pursuit Level 5, and then escaping Albion by posing as a statue.

In this guide, we’ll go over the best place to consistently recruit a Living Statue and how to effectively run up your Pursuit Level.

Find and recruit a Living Statue

You can find and recruit a Living Statue character to the south of the Tower of London, on the cobblestone walk that borders the river. This area, on both the east and west side of the Tower Bridge, is bustling with street performers. Buskers, musicians and, most importantly, Living Statues, frequent this area.

While you will see some in this spot early in the game, they won’t begin performing until after you liberate Tower Hamlets, a task that comes with its own personnel reward for your team.

We’ve also consistently spotted a Living Statue in Potters Field Park, at the west end of the tunnel that lights up and plays music as you walk through it.

How to get Pursuit Level 5

The difficult part of this mission is actually running up a Pursuit Level 5 without getting yourself killed.

Getting the private police on your tail is significantly more dangerous than it is in a game like Grand Theft Auto 5. You can’t just run over or beat up civilians indiscriminately. No, Albion looks out for Albion, so focus on smashing up Albion vehicles and neutralizing Albion operatives.

Watch Dogs: Legion You Don’t See Me Albion chase
Smash Albion property like this car, and you’ll be on your way to Pursuit Level 5
Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via Polygon

You can shoot civilians — weapon violence seems to be in a different category than vehicular violence or fisticuffs — but Watch Dogs: Legion, a game in which you can recruit anyone, killing random people is bad for your future recruitment chances (and it just feels bad).

When you’re ready to begin, it’s especially helpful to start your rampage in an area where you have access to two things:

  • An Albion Hummer. The Hummer is useful because, when you kick the hornet nest, Albion officers will descend on you quickly, shooting first and asking questions later. You can stay alive longer if you have a healthy layer of armor separating you from the goon squad.
  • An area with plenty of Albion officers and equipment. Stunning/killing/exploding them will run up your crime tab. Any of the Albion stations scattered across the map fit the bill, as they house the Hummer and plenty of stun gun fodder. The layout of the Camden station — which keeps a bunch of cars in a parking lot outside the station — is especially easy to attack and steal from.

If you want to start the alert in a safer area, you can simply cause an explosion in a public place. Chucking a Homing Drone or dropping explosive cargo from a cargo drone will usually do the job. The Homing Drone is generally good to have for these sprees because its blast radius — especially when it’s leveled up to tier three — is wide enough that you can take out multiple Albion vehicles at a time.

Posing as a Statue

Escaping Albion isn’t too difficult. All you need to do is break line of sight with your pursuers, and then select the Living Statue emote from your ability wheel. If you’re lucky, you might even get a tip while you’re hiding out.

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