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Watch Dogs: Legion Magpie achievement and trophy guide

Collect 15 Relics quickly with our maps

Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via Polygon

In Watch Dogs: Legion, the Magpie achievement and trophy is your reward for tracking down 15 Relics. Relics are objects, often with lore attached, hidden (or hidden in plain sight) throughout London. There are way more than 15 Relics in Watch Dogs: Legion. But, if you want a quick path to the Watch Dogs: Legion achievement and trophy, here’s a guide to finding as many as you need.

City of Westminster

In the City of Westminster, you can find Relics at Lambeth Bridge, Sanford Theatre, and Vauxhall Bridge. Browse our galleries below to find the map location zoomed out, zoomed in, and an image of the Relic in London.

Lambeth Bridge Relic location

Sanford Theatre Relic location

Vauxhall Bridge Relic location


Camden Market Relic location

ETO Construction Bank Relic location

Islington and Hackney

The Hackney Baths Relic location

City of London

TOAN Attack Site Relic location

Nine Elms

Nine Elms Docks Relic location


The Stage Relic location

European Processing Centre Relic location

Kennington Gas Holder Relic location

UK Fibrecomm Centre Relic location


Tidis Advanced Technologies Relic location

Civil Aviation Traffic Office Relic location

Tower Hamlets

Albion Station Wapping Relic location

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