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Watch Dogs: Legion Meta-Gaming achievement and trophy guide

Recruit a video game designer

A game designer in Watch Dogs: Legion for the Meta-Gaming Achievement and Trophy Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via Polygon

Watch Dogs: Legion is the only game brave enough to let you recruit a game developer and put a robot spider in their hand and a cigar-smoking pig mask on their head.

The Meta-Gaming Watch Dogs: Legion achievement and trophy requires that you “recruit a video game designer” to your team. Unlike Down to the Wire and Shaken Not Stirred, this achievement / trophy only necessitates that you recruit the character. No need to do anything with them after that.

In this Watch Dogs: Legion guide, we’ll go over how to recruit a game developer, on the street and in the menus.

Recruiting a Game Developer

Recruiting a game developer isn’t any different from recruiting any other kind of character. Unlike in Watch Dogs 2, which included a quest featuring a version of Ubisoft’s real-world San Francisco office, there doesn’t appear to be one office that Legion’s game devs all report to.

We have seen it reported, though, and can confirm, that you can find game developers in Southwark, but we have also found game developers in Camden, Tower Hamlets, and the City of London. Southwark does house Tidis, a technology firm, and one of the devs that we recruited was employed there. Tidis’ presence may help explain the apparent prevalence of the occupation in Southwark, but plenty of game devs that we’ve used the Deep Profiler on work at nondescript offices throughout the map.

Even in Southwark, you can expect to scan plenty of characters before you a find developer character. And, after that, you’ll still need to do the requisite recruitment mission before they’ll be willing to join DedSec. Do all of that, and the achievement and trophy will be yours.

If you don’t feel like scanning a few dozen characters, game developers also sometimes show up in the initial character select screen. So, if you want the satisfaction of gaming the system, you can start new save files until you find one. But, given that you need to play through the opening mission (which takes about 20 minutes to complete) before you get to the character select, we don’t recommend this method if you’re short on time.

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