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Watch Dogs: Legion Hack the Planet achievement and trophy guide

Propagate a hack across 8 targets at once

Hack the Planet Trafalgar Square map location Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via Polygon

In Watch Dogs: Legion, everyone’s a hacker. But not everyone is a Hacker.

Each recruit can wield their phone to take down drones, turn turrets on their own team, and send self-driving cars plummeting into the Thames. But some recruits, like those whose profession is listed as Hacker, have additional skills that they can use to pull off unique hacks.

To earn the Hack the Planet Watch Dogs: Legion trophy or achievement, you’ll need to learn how to use them. Hack the Planet requires players to propagate a hack across eight targets at once. If that sounds confusing, we’ll get into the details of how and where to pull it off in this guide.

Unlocking the Hacker Skilled Operative

Watch Dogs: Legion hack the planet hacker skilled operative Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via Polygon

The first step is recruiting the Hacker Skilled Operative. This happens naturally, as a reward for liberating Camden through the Camden Borough Uprising, which happens as part of the main story.

This recruit has a few crucial skills that are useful in the early hours of the game, including the ability to shock enemies, skim cryptocurrency during hacks, steal downloadable keys at any range and, most importantly, pull off a viral hack. More on that below.

Recruiting a backup Hacker

Watch Dogs: Legion hack the planet MI6 location Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via Polygon

Hackers aren’t the easiest class of characters to find out in the wild, but we have spotted them outside of important buildings, like MI-6, sitting cross-legged with a laptop on their laps.

Propagating a hack across 8 targets

This is where the viral hacking ability comes in. To propagate a hack across multiple targets, hold the hack button (left bumper on a controller) to bring up your various hacking options on the face buttons. You can use this on people, via their devices, if you can find an area with eight in close proximity, like in Trafalgar Square. You can also use it on cars, in an area like the parking lot adjacent to the Palace of Westminster, if you take the time to line the cars up close together. It’s easier to hack the people, but it’s much more fun and explosive to send the cars careening into a wall. Your choice!

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