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The Garden District Encounters walkthrough

Encounters are the quests in We Happy Few. Main Encounters are necessary to escape the city, while Secondary Encounters can reward you with blueprints and other useful items. There are currently three types of Encounters: Story Encounters, Main Encounters and Secondary Encounters.

As of this writing, there are no Story Encounters in the game's alpha state. Also, The Prologue starts the game but never changes, and you can skip it after your first playthrough.

Editor's note

We Happy Few is a work in progress, which makes this guide a work in progress, too. As the game grows, we'll keep playing and expanding this guide.

Also, keep in mind that We Happy Few has procedurally generated environments, so no two playthroughs will ever be the exact same. As such, Encounters occur in random and different locations every time. Some Encounters and interactions may not even generate. Even though locations can change, commonalities exist, and we'll tell you what to look for when you need to locate an Encounter.

Main Encounters

Encounters are the quests in We Happy Few. Main Encounters are necessary to escape the city.

End the Game

Take the Joy pill during the prologue and the credits will roll. Choosing not to take your Joy pill will allow you to begin to Remember Your Past and serves as the catalyst to your escape from Wellington Wells.


The first Main Encounter is triggered when you leave the safe house after the prologue. The first objective is to reach St. Georges Holm or St. Georges Holm Bridge (depending on what your game generated) and make your way through Hamlyn Village to Apple Holm. Make sure you have a power cell (see our Where's the Power walkthrough if you need one) and a gas mask before heading to Apple Holm. Power cells are readily available in Hamlyn homes, and there will be a gas mask waiting for you when you discover the Hamlyn safe house. You will need Faraday's Code, provided upon the completion of Faraday's Event to get past Apple Holm Bridge.

Bridge Crossing

Cross this bridge to get to St. Georges Holm and Hamlyn Village. You will need a power cell or a Constable's Keycard to unlock the bridge. You can find a keycard in a crate in the area of the Secondary Encounter The Apple Tree.

This is one of two bridges that may generate as an obstacle to Hamlyn Village.

St. Georges Holm Bridge

Talk to the bobby in the security window of the bridge who will ask you a question to prove you belong with the other Wellies in Hamlyn Village. The answer to his question is found in the accompanying secondary encounter, Shibboleth. You will have to venture to Lud's Holm to complete this encounter before moving forward with St. Georges Holm Bridge.

Return to the bridge when you have the answer to the bobby's question. You are heading into a location full of Wellies, so prepare yourself accordingly with a proper suit and some joy. Head through the open doors and quickly step onto the middle circular platform. If you do not comply fast enough, they might become suspicious of you and turn hostile.

This is one of two bridges that may generate as an obstacle to Hamlyn Village.

The Toll

One of the other bridges you will come across is barricaded and requires a toll of honey to pass. The bridge connects to a second area of the Garden District, Lud's Holm.

If you haven't already, locate the bee tree and collect the honey in the secondary encounter Bees. Transfer the honey into the toll lift to pay the toll.

Once the gate has opened, take down the man in the booth. The gate will remain open, and you can steal back the honey you just gave him and use it to satiate your hunger.

This is one of two bridges that may generate as an obstacle to Lud's Holm.

Lud's Bridge

Lud's Bridge is a way to the second area of the Garden District, Lud's Holm. The other is The Toll. The bridge you get is randomly generated at the beginning of the game.

Head inside the station that looks to be under renovation. Walk into the room with the unlocked door where you will be prompted to locate a pump valve and to repair the motilene pipe with a pump repair kit. If you haven't come across it yet, look around the the Garden District for the accompanying encounter, The Vandals Took the Handle. Completing that secondary encounter will provide you with everything you need to complete Lud's Bridge.

Head back to Lud's Holm Bridge after you've received the pipe valve and pump repair kit recipe from The Vandals Took the Handle to repair and activate the door controls.

This is one of two bridges that may generate as an obstacle to Lud's Holm.

Secondary Encounters

Encounters are the quests in We Happy Few. Secondary Encounters can reward you with blueprints and other useful items.

Spring Cleaning

Search the body of Mrs. Stokes in the safe house in which you begin the game. Find her notes on a crate, and examine the nearby rocking chair. Holding the body after you search will trigger Spring Cleaning. Use the ladder to bring her body out of the safe house to complete the Encounter.


The goal of this Encounter is to collect honey that you'll use to pay a honey toll. It will only generate if the accompanying encounter, The Toll, has also been generated.

Look for a large tree surrounded by stones. The location is randomly generated but will usually appear in the center of an unoccupied square on the map.

You will need a Padded Suit to complete this Encounter. The recipe to craft one unlocks when you read the nearby sign. You may need to rearrange your inventory before you're able to craft it, as we do in the video below.

You can forgo crafting the padded suit and collect the honey without it, but make sure you have some healing balm ready, as you'll be attacked by the bees. The Encounter will be complete regardless of how you procure the honey.

Bring Out Your Dead

Look for this Encounter in front of one of the illuminated houses. Search Mrs. Marley's body to complete the Encounter and find a rock. You can find Mrs. Marley's Letter next to the body. You can find Mrs. Marley's Letter next to the body and a pile of sovereign coins in the safe below her body.

Crazy Legs

You'll find this Encounter by a Start banner on a street. The objective is to incapacitate the runner, Eric Liddell.

The best strategy is to either start hitting as soon as you see him or to cut him off as he runs down the streets. You'll unlock the Dexipam Diet after you've incapacitated him. The recipe will allow you to craft a formula that lets you run for longer periods without expending stamina. The formula calls for two night blooming nonsuch flowers, one sugar (found in Lud's Holm as a part of Sweets), one filtered water and an empty syringe.

Cult of Jack

To locate this Secondary Encounter, look for some houses that are fenced off. An opening in the fence will reveal a television atop a pile of rubble.

The cultists will become hostile if you attempt to enter any of the houses in the area. Distract them by turning on the television. You will need a power cell to do so. Find a power cell from Where's the Power or steal one when you get to Hamlyn Village.

Once the cultists are distracted by the working television, search the chests in each of the three houses to receive some random items and to complete the Encounter.

If You Give a Pig a Pancake

This Encounter will randomly generate in a square location on the map. Look for a Wastrel vomiting into a crate. Talk to Wastrel and give him a Neximide pill to complete the encounter and receive a mushroom. Mushrooms can be consumed with no detrimental side effects to appease hunger. Neximide pills randomly generate in containers around The Garden District and on the bodies of Wastrels you take down.

Johnny Bolton, Special Agent

Look for an illuminated tree house in a square location on the map. Climb into the treehouse using the nearby picnic table to trigger this fetch quest.

First, rescue Johnny's doll Peachy from The Avon Puppet Theater. You will need a jimmy to pry some wooden planks off to enter. Johnny will give you a jimmy every time you're required to speak to him during the encounter. Head upstairs to find the doll. Bring the doll back to Johnny in the treehouse, and he'll ask you to craft or find a first aid kit. He will provide you with the recipe if you haven't already received it another way.

Johnny will then send you off to find some Ephemeral Linen. The linen is located at Mystery House, which is not in the starting zone but is instead across the bridge in Lud's Holm.

Look for the house in a large spot that's not squared in on the map. There will be a rock with a moon and pill near the gate. Pop a Joy pill at night, and you will be able to enter the gate to go into the house. The linen can be found in containers and shelves all around the house.

Return to Johnny, who will give you a recipe to craft a Suit of Blending.

Mushroom Log

This secondary encounter is only active during night. Look for a log that is surrounded by bushes and flowers in a square on the map. There is a large stone with names written in white behind the log. Eavesdrop on the couple's conversation and collect the mushrooms on the log. This encounter is repeatable every night.

Mysterious Chest

A large chest will randomly spawn in the middle of a street, and can be easily spotted on a large pile of rubble. Unlock the chest with a lockpick for a chance at some items.

Poisoned Wastrel

You can find this encounter in a square area on the map, landmarked by the group of trees around a small toxic pond.

Approach the vomiting Wastrel and offer him a Neximide pill. Help him clean up the toxic pond by picking up empty syringes, dirty bandages and other waste. Take caution to not stand in the water for too long, or you'll catch The Plague.

Once you've cleaned the pond, speak to the Wastrel, and he'll provide you with the location of some buried treasure and a shovel. Head to the marked dig site to find two Survivor Books that increase the effectiveness and speed of healing items.

Wild Picnic

This Encounter appears at a small building made of stones with a lifted gate.

It's very clearly a trap. Lower the chest with the crank and the gate will close. Be prepared for a fight with a few Wastrels that will descend on your location from above once the gate has closed. Loot the chests after you've defeated them.

There is also a ramp attached to the back of the building, though you'll still need to lower the crank to complete the Encounter at this time.

Everybody Must Get Stoned

This encounter will generate in a field in a square area on the map. You'll be able to identify it by the sign out front and by the man throwing stones at you.

You can rush him with your best melee attack or throw things at him. Defeat him and loot the chest on the platform of his fort. Notable loot includes Dick the Naughty Duck, a wind-up duck that attracts attention and then tear-gasses everyone in range.


This encounter will generate in large are on the map that is not squared off and is only active at night. Look for the glow of the campfire next to the remains of an old house.

Steal the rubber ducky cooking on the campfire to complete this quest — the Wastrels around the campfire will turn hostile. You will receive the blueprint to craft a distraction device, Rick the Stunt Duck.

The Vandals Took the Handle

Completing this secondary encounter will also provide you with the means to complete the main encounter, Lud's Bridge. This encounter will generate on the side of a random street and can be easily identified by a group of Wastrels hitting a water pipe in a brick building.

There is a recipe for a pump repair kit on one of the pipes. If there is a Wastrel blocking it, talk to him, and he'll move enough so that you can reach the recipe. You will need three rolls of duct tape and two metal bits to craft the repair kit. Search the surrounding houses and mailboxes if you're short on supplies.

Repairing the pump will complete The Vandals Took the Handle and will also drop a pipe valve which is an essential ingredient to completing the Lud's Bridge.

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