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The Queen’s Golden Wii seeks a princely sum on eBay

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword coming to Nintendo Switch

Reggie and gaming all-stars sit down for industry roundtable on Twitch

Nintendo artist (and Tingle creator) Takaya Imamura retires

This Mario Kart shortcut took almost 13 years to pull off

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Super Mario Galaxy guides

Find every secret and Hidden Star

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Super Mario Galaxy guide: Every Luigi location

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Super Mario Galaxy guide: Every Hidden Star, Prankster Comet, Luigi location, Green Star, and Trial Galaxy

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Super Mario Galaxy guide: Every Hidden Star location

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Super Mario Galaxy guide: Green Star locations and Trial Galaxies

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Super Mario Galaxy guide: Every Prankster Comet

The Wii and Wii U are still getting games in 2020

Nintendo leak explains the use of friend codes over usernames

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Nine new genres that defined the decade in games

From auto battlers to walking simulators, it’s been a weird 10 years

The key to unlocking the Nintendo Wii’s copy protection was a simple pair of tweezers

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The Smash Bros. community: An oral history

An inside look at the formation of a persevering grassroots fighting game community

Wii and GameCube combined handheld is a childhood dream come true

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Just Dance 2020 is coming to ... the Wii

Why haven’t more publishers and developers learned from Super Smash Bros.?

R.I.P., Wii Shop Channel

They found the Queen’s golden Wii!

Stan Lee became Spider-Man in his most bizarre video game appearance

Netflix bids farewell to the original Wii

Wiimote prototypes surface, and they’re a perfect throwback

Hero builds Nintendo Wii into an Altoids tin

The Animal Crossing letter system, explained

Super Smash Bros. anti-harassment group faces resistance

#WiiChallenge makes the Mii Channel music a hot new dance trend

Nintendo’s unsung hero Genyo Takeda accepts lifetime achievement award

World-record time in Wii Sports Resort Golf brings out the best of speedrunning (correction)

Why Nintendo’s Genyo Takeda is worthy of a lifetime achievement award

When Sonic joined Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the internet exploded