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How to fast travel in Wild Hearts

And why you can’t build a Hunter’s Tent wherever you want

Wild Hearts hunter standing in front of a fast travel Hunter’s Tent Image: Omega Force/Koei Tecmo/Electronic Arts via Polygon
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Wild Hearts lets you build and customize your own hunting camps, including building a Hunter’s Tent that serves as a fast travel destination. But you can’t build them anyplace you want, and figuring out when and where they’re allowed isn’t exactly clear.

Our Wild Hearts fast travel guide will explain how fast travel works and help you understand where Hunter’s Tents are and aren’t allowed.

How to fast travel in Wild Hearts

The short explanation is: You can fast travel to any Dragon Pit where you’ve built a Hunter's Tent. The longer explanation, though, is: You can fast travel to any Hunter’s Tent, but you can only build Hunter’s Tents at certain Dragon Pits depending on that pit’s stats.

Wild Hearts hunter unable to build a fast travel Hunter’s Tent
When you can’t build a Hunter’s Tent, the icon will be grayed out and the preview will glow red.
Image: Omega Force/Koei Tecmo/Electronic Arts via Polygon

It’s a little confusing, because it’s (very) tempting to just build a Hunter’s Tent at every Dragon Pit you find, but, when you try, the Dragon Karakuri for the tent is just grayed out.

And that’s because of the Dragon Pit.

Understanding why fast travel doesn’t always work in Wild Hearts

Dragon Pits are wells of energy that you’ll find as you explore each of Wild Hearts’ regions. Each one has a certain amount of energy — split into earth, fire, water, wind, and wood energy.

Each Dragon Karakuri you build has an elemental requirement — indicated by that little icon in the corner. If a Dragon Pit doesn’t have enough of that Dragon Karakuri’s element, you can’t build it. (You can upgrade Dragon Pits with rare materials, but we haven’t found one yet that upgrades to the point where you can build a Hunter’s Tent there.)

Wild Hearts map of Harugasumi Way with all four fast travel Hunter’s Tent locations marked.
Harugasumi Way map with all fast travel Hunter’s Tents unlocked.
Image: Omega Force/Koei Tecmo/Electronic Arts via Polygon

Hunter’s Tents cost 50 earth, and very few Dragon Pits have that much earth energy available. For example, in Harugasumi Way — the first area you explore — only four of the 13 Dragon Pits can support a Hunter’s Tent. They are, from south to north (and roughly in the order you’ll find them): Giant Tree Trunk Camp, Windswept Plain, Tavern Ruins, and Tumbledown Hillside Shrine.

For more help with Wild Hearts, read our beginners guide and explainers on multiplayer, fast travel, stamina, and building camps.

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