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Every Wild Hearts achievement and trophy

How to nab the platinum trophy or get 1,000 gamerscore

Wild Hearts vista of Minato Image: Omega Force/Koei Tecmo/Electronic Arts via Polygon

Wild Hearts has 48 achievements and trophies to earn as you explore and hunt your way across Azuma. We’ll list them all below, broken into rough categories like Kemono-related and Karakuri-related achievements and trophies. Earning them all will get you 1,000 gamerscore on Xbox and the Wild Hearts platinum trophy on Playstation.

Wild Hearts hunting and Kemono achievements and trophies

There are nine achievements and trophies to earn by hunting and killing Kemono.

  • Kemono Hunter: Successfully finished 30 Kemono
  • Relentless Kemono Hunter: Finish 300 Kemono
  • Left Arm Leverager: Successfully activated your Hunter’s Arm 30 times
  • Single Minded: Finish 50 Kemono with a single weapon type
  • Volatile Vocation: Hunt your first deeply volatile Kemono
  • Vanquisher of the Volatile: Hunt a deeply volatile Kemono in all areas
  • Mighty Marmelizer: Finish a mighty Kemono inside 5 minutes
  • Flawless Crystal: Finish a Kemono before it can land a single attack on you
  • Fair Means or Foul: Inflict a status ailment upon a Kemono 20 times

Wild Hearts wilderness and collection achievements and trophies

Six achievements and trophies are related to things you’ll find as you explore the wilderness.

  • Hidden History: Successfully obtained your first document
  • Snare Specialist: Successfully caught 100 creatures in the wilderness
  • Tender Touch: Pet a small Kemono 30 times
  • Tsukumo Whisperer: Befriend 200 tsukumo
  • Quintessence of Form: Enhance one tsukumo form to the maximum
  • Charmed by the Hunt: Gather your first Talisman from the wilderness

Wild Hearts Karakuri achievements and trophies

There are 13 achievements and trophies related to conjuring Basic and Dragon Karakuri.

  • Budding Conjuror: Successfully conjured 200 basic Karakuri
  • Man-Machine Master: Successfully used a Karakuri attack 100 times
  • Memory Rouser: Successfully awakened 20 types of Karakuri
  • Expert Conjuror: Successfully conjured 1000 basic Karakuri
  • Fusion Conjuror: Successfully conjured a Fusion Karakuri 50 times
  • Counter Specialist: Deflect 20 Kemono attacks using Fusion Karakuri
  • Master of the Skies: Successfully flew 150m with a Glider
  • Distance Devourer: Successfully traveled a distance of 10,000m by Karakuri
  • Karakuri Trail: Successfully conjured 30 Dragon Karakuri along the Harugasumi Way
  • Karakuri Minato: Conjure 15 Dragon Karakuri in Minato
  • Karakuri Isle: Successfully conjured 30 Dragon Karakuri on Natsukodachi Isle
  • Canyon of Karakuri: Conure 30 Dragon Karakuri in Akikure Canyon
  • Karakuri Fortress: Conjure 30 Dragon Karakuri at Fuyufusagi Fort

Wild Hearts Dragon Pits and Minato achievements and trophies

Eight more achievements and trophies are related to Dragon Pits (and camps) and the hub town of Minato.

  • Subsistence Skills: Successfully completed your first food processing
  • Commencing of Quests: Successfully completed your first quest for a citizen of Minato
  • Bewitched by Bathing: Develop every different restorative bath
  • Superlative View: Complete all building extensions and restorations
  • Big Spender: Spend 30,000 on goods from the store
  • Jack of All Trades: Obtain 90 seals from Nobumitsu
  • Threaded Harmony: Enlarge a single Dragon Pit as much as possible
  • Haven Hunter: Open up all possible camps

Wild Hearts weapons and armor achievements and trophies

There are four achievements and trophies related to your gear.

  • Style Seeker: Dye armor for the first time
  • Human Believer: Reach the limits of Human-path affinity by modifying armor
  • Kemono at Heart: Reach the limits of Kemono-path affinity by modifying armor
  • Unrivaled in Arms: Obtain an extremely valuable weapon

Wild Hearts online achievements and trophies

You’ll earn three more Achievements and Trophies through online play.

  • Team Hunter: Complete 20 quests online
  • Artful Assister: Provide assistance 5 times
  • Helpful Heart: Revive a fellow hunter online for the first time

Wild Hearts story progress achievements and trophies

There are five achievements and trophies to earn by progressing through Wild Hearts’ story.

  • Land of the Rising Sun: Successfully reached Azuma, where Kemono roam free
  • Mountain Splitter: Successfully hunted the Earthbreaker that appeared along the Harugasumi Way
  • Bonds of Enmity: Hunt the fateful Kemono
  • Axer of Auspice: Deliver Minato from disaster
  • Reincarnation Cycle Stopper: Discover the end of the story

For more help with Wild Hearts, read our beginners guide and explainers on multiplayer, fast travel, stamina, and building camps.

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