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What does ‘Awakening condition not met’ mean in Wild Hearts?

How to remove those question marks from your upgrade trees

A Wild Hearts Karakuri Pounder winding up to strike a Ragetail. Image: Omega Force/Koei Tecmo/Electronic Arts via Polygon

As you improve your Wild Hearts weapons and Karakuri, you’ll see some question marks in the upgrade trees. If you click on them, you’ll get an error that reads, “Awakening condition not met,” adding that it can be unlocked by “hunting a certain Kemono.” All right, then! Super helpful, Wild Hearts.

What does “Awakening condition not met” mean in Wild Hearts?

There are two ways to improve your chances hunting the giant kemono in Wild Hearts: upgrading your Karakuri and forging new weapons (and armor).

The Wild Hearts Karakuri upgrade menu with an “Awakening condition not met” warning.
Hunting a “certain” Kemono just means you haven’t encountered it yet.
Image: Omega Force/Koei Tecmo/Electronic Arts via Polygon

Your Karakuri abilities have their own menu where you’ll spend Kemono Orbs that you get from (successfully) hunting giant Kemono to improve the various Basic and Dragon Karakuri you know. You’ll even be able to unlock some new Dragon Karakuri through that tree.

At a forge — either the one in Minato or one you build as Dragon Karakuri at a Dragon Pit camp — choosing to forge a weapon lets you either create a new type of weapon, or improve the stats on one you already have. Improving a weapon adds new skills and extra (elemental) damage by using Kemono parts you get from hunts.

Both of those upgrade trees, though, will have nodes with question marks over them that tell you “Awakening condition not met.” While it’s not really explained, all that means is that you haven’t progressed the main story enough.

As you make progress through the story, you’ll encounter new Kemono to hunt. And, during those hunts, you’ll learn (i.e., awaken) new Karakuri abilities. Those new Kemono drop monster parts that will fill in the blanks on your weapon upgrade tree, and those new Karakuri abilities will remove the question marks from the Karakuri upgrade tree.

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