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Where to find Lightstone and Mirrorstone in Wild Hearts

And all the other ores you’ll need to upgrade your weapons

A closeup of the Wild Hearts Karakuri seed Image: Omega Force/Koei Tecmo/Electronic Arts via Polygon
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Upgrading your Wild Hearts weapons requires parts from the Kemono you hunt along with some other materials and ores. Figuring out what monster to hunt next is a little confusing sometimes, but figuring out where to find materials is a lot harder.

Two weapon upgrade materials you’ll be looking for early in the game are the ores Lightstone and Mirrorstone. Our Wild Hearts Lightstone and Mirrorstone guide will tell you how and where to find them, and give a tip for how to find even more.

Where to find Mirrorstone and Lightstone in Wild Hearts

Your first few weapon upgrades will only need various Kemono parts and some Corestone that you can find anywhere (including the starting area, Harugasami Way). Not long after that, though, you’ll start seeing different ores like Mirrorstone and Lightstone.

Just like Kemono, you’ll find different kinds of ores in each area of Azuma, and you’ll unlock new areas by progressing the story.

You’ll find Mirrorstone when you reach Akikure Canyon at the beginning of Chapter 2 "Ancient Technology."

You’ll find Lightstone a bit later in Chapter 2 when you reach Fuyufusagi Fort.

And, in case anyone was wondering, you’ll find Bluestone in the latter half of Chapter 1 "Azuma, Land of the East” when you get to Natsukodachi Isle (The Spirit Isle).

The easiest way to find Mirrorstone and Lightstone

Running around and collecting every sparkly thing you see will get you a few pieces of almost every material available in the area, but there’s a much easier way to find ores — and you don’t even have to do anything.

Wild Hearts hunter standing in front of a Tsukumo Ore Shrine Dragon Karakuri
Check back with your Tsukumo buddies for ores at the Tsukumo Ore Shrine.
Image: Omega Force/Koei Tecmo/Electronic Arts via Polygon

Once you unlock the Tsukumo Ore Shrine Dragon Karakuri, you’ll be able to build a little shrine for those spherical robot pals. When you place one at your camp or a Dragon Pit, Tsukumo will stock up the local ores for you. After a little while, you can Collect Materials when you walk up. They’ll only give you five pieces of ore at a time, but you’ll get a nice mix of types.

Build one in Akikure Canyon and another in Fuyufusagi Fort, and you’ll be able to pick up some Mirrorstone and Lightstone the next time you visit — and you won’t even have to do a thing.

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