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How to get the Wild Hearts Roller motorcycle

Traverse Azuma in style

A Wild Hearts hunter riding in a wooden monowheel Roller. Image: Omega Force/Koei Tecmo/Electronic Arts via Polygon
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You’ve got a few options for traversing the various regions of Azuma in Wild Hearts. You can climb (if you’ve got enough stamina), ride on Flying Vine zip lines, or soar on Wind Vortices with a Karakuri Glider. But the coolest way to travel is the Roller — a steampunk (lumberpunk?) monowheel motorcycle.

Our Wild Hearts Roller guide will explain what you need to do to unlock the monowheel motorcycle and when it becomes available.

How to unlock the Roller Dragon Karakuri in Wild Hearts

A Wild Hearts screenshot reporting the rewards from killing a Deathstalker and a notification that the Roller Karakuri has awakened.
You’ll get the notification for the Roller when you defeat the Deathstalker.
Image: Omega Force/Koei Tecmo/Electronic Arts via Polygon

Like several other aspects of Wild Hearts, the Roller Dragon Karakuri is gated by your story progress. You will need to progress to the end of Chapter 2 “Ancient Technology” and defeat the Deathstalker in Fuyufusagi Fort.

You’ll actually get the notification that you’ve unlocked the Roller along with all the parts you cut off of the Deathstalker.

How to build a Roller dragon karakuri in Wild Hearts

The Roller is a Dragon Karakuri, which means it’ll draw from the nearest Dragon Pit when built. The Roller requires 40 fire to build. It’s not cheap, but quite a few Dragon Pits will support one.

A Wild Hearts hunter standing in front of a Roller monowheel motorcycle.
A Roller Dragon Karakuri.
Image: Omega Force/Koei Tecmo/Electronic Arts via Polygon

The Roller Dragon Karakuri is a stand that you’ll interact with to launch your fancy new ride. The Roller is not quite as fast as a Flying Vine, but it has a limitless range (unlike the Flying Vine or Glider, for example). They can take a beating and even damage or kill small Kemono when you run them over (don’t ask how we found this out).

You can drop quite a way without damaging one, but it will shatter if you run into a giant Kemono or drive straight into a cliff face. You also can’t jump in one, so it’s best to stick to roads and paths.

For more help with Wild Hearts, read our beginners guide and explainers on multiplayer, fast travel, stamina, and building camps.

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