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Sci-Fi MMO Defiance gets a third season on TV

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

The companion TV series for the MMO Defiance has been picked up for a third season by the SyFy cable television network, Defiance developer Trion Worlds announced this week.

Earlier this year, creative lead Trick Dempsey told Polygon that Defiance the game "would definitely survive if there were no season three," but now does not have to face that proposition.

"The New Frontier is changing. Votan and Human cities alike lay crumbling under the force of terraforming weaponry," Dempsey wrote on Thursday. "Refugees flee onto the frontier, and warlords rise to stake their claim in the chaos. Is this the end of the Earth Republic? Will civilization descend into a new Pale War or will we rise above in a spirit of Defiance?"

Viewers will have to find out in 2015.

Defiance and its television series launched concurrently in 2013, making one not necessarily an adaptation of the other. The MMO went free-to-play on PC in June and PlayStation 3 in July. The game also is available on Xbox 360.

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