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Raid costs EVE player $1,500 in real money

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

If you've ever seen an armored car and smirked, wondering if some relic from the 1930s was necessary in an age of electronic fund transfers, well, yes. It is. If you're transporting real money, and someone knows you're transporting money, it had better be in a tank. EVE Online is, once again, proof.

Ozuwara Ozuwara didn't even make it out of high-security space before he and his cargo were obliterated by a fellow player, reports PCGamesN. He lost $1,500. Not $1,500 worth of in-game items that have some other use. This is PLEX, something that can only be purchased for hard cash, even if it is a liquid in-game commodity. It's good for 30 days of game time. While PLEX can be stolen or recovered by someone who didn't buy it, the cargo in this case was vaporized. That means someone paid EVE Online publisher CCP (or an authorized reseller) $1,500 and it didn't have to give anything for it in return.

How did this happen? Ozuwara didn't exactly put 70 billion (ISK, the EVE in game currency) worth of PLEX on a Wells Fargo truck. PCGamesN reports he loaded his cargo on "just a Caldari rookie ship known as an Ibis." That spacecraft is given "to any player without a ship at a station." And it was all blown to hell by a player named Diorden.

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