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Escape From Tarkov will let you dress up like Boba Fett

Ballistic-grade Mandalorian-style body armor was a one-off produced in 2016

boba fett 3 Image: Lucasfilm/Disney
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On Thursday the team behind Escape From Tarkov began teasing some new equipment. The first-person shooter will soon be adding a new helmet that looks heavily inspired by Disney’s The Mandalorian. No word on when it will be available. The first images of the unnamed body armor showed up on both Instagram and Facebook with no accompanying explanation, but it’s unlikely that Lucasfilm was involved.

Tarkov rose to prominence over the New Year with a well-timed Twitch promotion, sitting among the top three games on the platform for several months. It’s since fallen well down the rankings. But that hasn’t stopped a dedicated group of fans who regularly launch into the session-based multiplayer game for some high-stakes looting and tactical shooting.

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The developer of Tarkov prides itself on realism. The game’s ballistics model is one of the best around, including sophisticated simulations of ricochets and penetration. All of its in-game kit is also based on real-world equipment. The same goes for this Star Wars-themed helmet, which is part of the GalacTac line. Of course, if you head over to the GalacTac website you’ll see that they only make the armor for use as cosplay or airsoft gear.

At least one set of ballistic-grade GalacTac armor was created, however. It debuted at the SHOT Show in 2016 — the annual gathering of arms and equipment manufacturers and a hot ticket on the military-industrial complex convention circuit. The set was a joint effort of an Arizona-based company called AR500, firearms manufacturers Heckler & Koch and Armalite, and the helmet manufacturers at Team Wendy.

Polygon has reached out to both AR500 and GalacTac about their licensing arrangement with Tarkov developer Battlestate Games.

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