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Marvel X-Men writers plan to burn it all down in upcoming Inferno event

After years on a weird island, the X-Men are finally superheroes again

It looks like Wanda Maximoff’s crimes against the X-Men finally caught up with her

We finally know what the X-Men do with their babies

The X-Men just made a new planet-sized mark on the Marvel Universe

Kevin Feige did not dress up to meet the X-Men

Deadpool crashed the X-Men’s big fancy party and shot Wolverine in the face

Mystique will resurrect a legendary X-Men crossover event to get her wife back

An exclusive look at Marvel’s X-Corp, where the X-Men fight the nightmare of corporate culture

The X-Men get new costumes and a killer glow-up in this summer’s Hellfire Gala

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Marvel’s new X-Men book imagines if cosplayers became superheroes

Marvel wants X-Men fans to pick the final member of the new team

A fair and democratic election will decide the X-Men’s future

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SWORD #1 asks cosmic questions about the future of X-Men

Marvel teases the next phase of X-Men books with a clue-filled poster

Get an exclusive look at Immortal Hulk creator’s new intergalactic take on X-Men

The X-Men have their own Suicide Squad now

The X-Men can die again, but in the weirdest way possible

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X of Swords sends the X-Men into an epic battle for all of reality

New Mutants ushers out the Fox X-Men era with a whimper

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X-Factor is Marvel’s horniest, high-concept X-men series

Wolverine got Magneto drunk and stole his helmet

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The New Mutants Comic-Con trailer has the entire first scene and a huge bear

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Here’s how to watch the big New Mutants Comic-Con panel

Everything the New Mutants cast has done since New Mutants became a thing

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The comics to read this summer as the industry springs back

The 10 greatest Wolverine comics of all time

Spider-Man’s weirdest meme only gets weirder with context

One of the most dangerous villains in all of X-Men looks like an egg with lipstick

The New Mutants delayed yet again due to coronavirus concerns

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Cable #1 was inevitable, but it’s also essential

Latest TV spot for The New Mutants feels like a totally new (and surprisingly fun) film