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Xbox One onesie now available for your avatar

You can’t get them in real life, so why not online?

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Back in August, Microsoft Australia unveiled the Xbox Onesie, loungewear optimized for playing the console. It was a big hit but, outside of Australia and a giveaway run by Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, no one really knows where or how to get one.

Well, that’s solved — kinda — with the Xbox Onesie for Xbox Live avatars — available free to anyone who asks.


The black and white suits are available for both genders. Major Nelson (aka Larry Hryb) said that he went to the Xbox Live team after the Onesie’s debut and giveaway to create an avatar item everyone could enjoy even if the real thing remained unattainable.

I like the Onesie’s design and amenities but, speaking for myself, I prefer something bulkier and bluer. This doesn’t look like it’d be good for pushing around a wheelbarrow on a late autumn day in Oregon, if you catch my drift.

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