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Tales From the Sea of Thieves is a deep dive into a pirate lore ocean

Now available in hARRRRRRRdcover

Sea of Thieves developer Rare couldn’t be satisfied with only the release of the game on Xbox One and Windows PC, today. The company has also partnered with Titan Books on Tales from the Sea of Thieves, a book full of art and lore from the cooperative pirate game.

All the text in Tales is written from an in-universe perspective, in the stories and notes of three different experienced pirate captains, but its content is all based on the work of the game’s writers and “feedback from [...] early beta-players.”

From laughable pirate suspicions to the towns and islands these hardened seafarers call home, they’ll introduce and explore the fantastical Sea of Thieves, home to krakens, mermaids and buried treasure. Including sea shanties, illustrations and sketches by the pirates and their crew, and much more, the book will immerse you in the world of Sea of Thieves ...

... reads the official description from Titan Books.

Courtesy of Titan, you can catch an exclusive preview of pages from Tales from the Sea of Thieves below. Though the book appears to have “all the wear and tear expected from a grog-swilling pirate’s life,” Titan assures us that it is, in fact, printed in hardback and available in stores today.

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