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Mixer streamer loses Microsoft partnership after Fortnite sex offender joke

Mixer rules are rather clear: Don’t do exactly this

The logo for Mixer, Microsoft’s streaming service Image: Mixer
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

A verified streamer on Mixer lost his partnership with Microsoft after he tweeted a joke about being a sex offender playing Fortnite with kids.

Harrison “HarrisonJr” Patrick Stewart, a Mixer streamer since 2017 with 80,000 followers, summarily lost just about everything about his presence on Mixer, too. All of his past streams have been deleted, his view count has been wiped, his biography has been deleted, and the headline for the main stream (offline, of course) reads simply, “I’m sorry.”

Per The Hollywood Reporter (via Kotaku), on Dec. 5, HarrisonJr tweeted, underneath a photo of himself in sunglasses and a cheesy mustache, “Come watch a registered sex offender plays [sic] Fortnite with 10 year olds!!” HarrisonJr quickly deleted the tweet, and followed that with an apology.

He followed it with:

Mixer’s rules of user conduct are pretty specific about this, too, saying “It is NEVER OK to discuss sex and a person under 18 at the same time,” in boldface and italics. Several Mixer streamers brought it to Microsoft’s attention, demanding HarrisonJr be banned.

Contrition notwithstanding, Microsoft terminated him on Wednesday. In a statement to THR, the company said, “We take immediate action when we determine content violates our terms of service. … We’ve reviewed the content in question and as a result made the decision to end our partnership.”

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