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Yakuza 6 guide: Safe and key locations

Finding keys and safes, and the gear you’ll find inside

In Yakuza 6, there are 10 safes scattered around the cities of Kamurocho and Onomichi. Inside each of them, you’ll find a useful piece of gear. You’ll need to find the corresponding key before you can open each safe.

While there’s an icon for the safes on your map, the keys can be difficult to find. Luckily, the keys are usually relatively near their safe. Below, we’ve got maps and galleries to help you unlock each of the 10 Yakuza 6 safes.

Kamurocho safe and key locations

Sega via Polygon

1 — Yoshida Batting Center

Head around the rear of the batting cages building in the northwest of town. You can either go directly to the parking lot area at the back, or use the hallway inside on the right. The safe key is on the metal stairs leading up to the roof. Turn right at the top of the stairs and keep going straight across the roof until you climb another set of stairs. Turn right again at the top and cross the length of the building again. Take another right to find the safe. Open it for one each strength, agility, spirit, technique and charm tomes.

2 — Nakamichi Alley

There’s an empty shop just south of this safe’s location. It’s easy to miss so look closely at your map. The key is behind some cardboard boxes in the back left corner. Head back to the empty lot to open the safe and retrieve the high-tech insoles.

3 — Senryo Avenue

The key to this safe is right inside the entrance to the building with the cat cafe. Take the key all the way to the roof to find the safe. You’ll get some rusted chain mail when you open it.

4 — Tenkaichi Street

Across the street from New Serena and just a little south, there’s a building you can enter with a “sexy club” sign above it. The key is right on the stairs inside. Take the stairs or the elevator up to the fourth floor, then head into the mahjong room. There’s a door at the back of the room that will lead you to an office. The safe is in the left corner. Open it for some steel underwear.

5 — West Taihei Boulevard

North of the New Serena, there’s a T-intersection at Taihei Boulevard. Turn left and watch the right side of the street for a door with a sign that says “Spunky” above it. The key is on the doorstep. Take the elevator up and head into the office on the second floor to find the safe in the back of the room. You’ll find a hunger belt inside.

Onomichi safe and key locations

Sega via Polygon

1 — Second Hill

On the northeast side of town, look for a set of white stone stairs on the east side of the road that leads up to Mt. Senkoji. At the top of the stairs, there’s a mailbox on your left — the key is inside. Take the key back down to the south and look for the safe under an overhanging roof. There’s a bloody binding inside.

2 — Pedestrian Bridge

This key is on the ground at the south end of the pedestrian bridge. Take the stairs on your left down to street level, then head into overhung area on the right. Open the safe for a romance amulet.

3 — Hana-no-kubo

Just to the west of the pawn shop, there’s a pair of vending machines and a ladder to the right of them. Climb up the ladder and onto the balcony. Look for the key on a shelf above a sink ahead of you. Climb back down the ladder, then look directly across the street for a narrow alley to slide through. When the narrow passage opens, the safe will be right ahead of you. Open it for a bloody fundoshi.

4 — Jingai Ferry Dock

This key is all the way out at the end of the dock. When you reach the end, turn to the right and they key will be laying on the ground. Take it back to the main street and look for the safe just east of the Oyster Shack. You’ll find a fearless binding inside.

5 — Central Shopping District

At the end of the Shops Alley, there’s a ladder that will lead up to the roof of the covered alley. This key is on the south edge of the roof just a little east of where you climb up. Back down on street level, take this key to the same building as the Moreno bar. You’ll find the safe on street level behind the stairs up to the bar. Open it for a stamina belt.

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