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Yakuza 6 guide

Everything you need to navigate a life of crime


Yakuza 6: The Song of Life is mostly a movie about punching. But when the cutscenes end, there’s plenty to do to fill your time (until the next cutscene starts). All of the options can get overwhelming and pretty hard to keep track of, though, so we’re here with a series of guides to help you manage your time in the game. You’ll find guides for just starting out and fighting along with maps and walkthroughs for some of the game’s collectibles below.

Yakuza 6 basics

  • Beginner’s guide — Getting started in this weird, wonderful game
  • Fighting — How to make Kiryu even better at fighting, and our tips for even better punching.
  • Troublr (trouble missions) — What to expect from Troublr missions and what you can expect to get out of them.
  • Experience points — The five flavors of Yakuza 6 experience points and how to earn them.
  • Stats and skills — The stats and skills you’ll spend your experience points on.

Yakuza 6 maps, lists and stray cats

Yakuza 6 trophies and awards

  • Trophies — The full list of all 59 trophies.
  • Awards — An overview of the in-game awards system.

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