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Simpsons Hit and Run fan puts a cult classic in an open-world remake

I’d die for the Pope Turtle in this SNES Elden Ring fan demake

YouTuber designs truly cursed Fortnite versions of Among Us crewmates

Guy makes a working Xbox Series X the size of a fridge 

Bo Burnham releases over an hour of outtakes from Netflix special Inside

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Meet the streamer who helps PS5 buyers beat bots and scalpers

Jake Randall has built a platform on sharing his strategies

Popular streamer Sykkuno moves to YouTube in exclusive deal

I don’t replay Kingdom Hearts, I rewatch it on YouTube

Aqua Teen Hunger Force returns in an all-new series of web shorts, Aqua Donk Side Pieces

We (might) finally know how tall Elden Ring’s Erdtree is

Watch Elden Ring bosses fight each other for a change

Brandon Sanderson’s Kickstarter for 4 secret novels raises $15M in first day

YouTubers are mastering Elden Ring rune farming so you can too

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How to get into romance books — and why you should

Behold ‘Africa’ by Toto played on Majora’s Mask instruments

Nintendo crushes fan-favorite game music YouTube channel with thousands of copyright claims

Baby Shark continues its pop culture dominance, reaching 10 billion views on YouTube

The best video essays of 2021

Our favorite memes of 2021

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The extremely specific content creators we discovered this year

The Game Awards 2021: Everything you need to know

Skyrim YouTube retrospective celebrates 10 years of being Dragonborn

The success of MrBeast’s Squid Game is its own dystopia

Twitch star Ludwig is moving his stream to YouTube

This is how Disney parks’ Fastpass spun completely out of control

YouTube will still let you dislike a video, but the world will never know

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Have you ever wondered if Halo 3 has weed in it? This person has

4 Animal Crossing island designers on how they’re prepping for the New Horizons 2.0 update

Ranking Demi Adejuyigbe’s phenomenal September 21 videos

YouTuber makes the biggest ‘F’ key you’ve ever seen

Free Guy’s title is ancient gamer slang

Jacksepticeye, LazarBeam, and DanTDM on the biggest misconceptions they face about their videos

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