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Zelda Breath of the Wild Champions’ Ballad DLC guide: EX Treasure Garb of Winds side quest (Island Lobster shirt)

Dress like a Wind Waker

The Champions’ Ballad downloadable content for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild adds several new pieces of armor. The Island Lobster shirt is an homage to Wind Waker. Wearing it increases your heat resistance.

This guide will walk you through all the steps for the EX: Treasure Garb of Winds side quest, from finding Misko's EX Journal 2 to finding the gear.

EX: Treasure Garb of Winds

Warp to Bosh Kala shrine and head southeast to the Deya Village Ruins in the middle of Deya Lake. On an island in the middle of the swamp, you’ll find a book, Misko's EX Journal 2. The relevant part reads:

The blue garb of the hero who controlled the wind and traveled the ocean is where the Menoat River was born.

In your side quest menu, it says:

Misko's EX Journal 2 describes where the blue garb of the Hero of Winds is hidden…but where was the Menoat River born?

The Menoat River is directly south of Lake Tower, which is south of Lake Hylia. Warp to the tower, and glide south into Cora Lake.

How to find the Island Lobster shirt

Make your way to the rocks at the far west of Cora Lake. From the rock farthest west, you can use Magnesis to see the underwater treasure chest, but you can’t reach it from the rock. Use Cryonis to build ice platforms to bring you closer to the chest. Then, atop of a close platform, use Magnesis to grab the chest. Place it on solid ground, and open it to get your new shirt.


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