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Zelda Breath of the Wild Champions’ Ballad guide: Kee Dafunia shrine walkthrough and puzzle solutions (EX Champion Mipha’s Song)

The Melting Point east of Ankel Island

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In this The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide, we’ll show you how to find Kee Dafunia shrine east of Ankel Island. You’ll need to find this shrine as part of the EX Champion Mipha’s Song main story quest.

The Champions’ Ballad adds a new main story quest for you to take on after you’ve tamed all four Divine Beasts. The first stage of EX The Champions’ Ballad presents you with a new series of challenges on the Great Plateau. After that, you must complete a series of challenges for each of the Champions.

Finding the stone monument

To begin EX Champion Mipha’s Song, you must find the stone monument with hints to the three trial locations. The monument’s location was marked on your map when the One-Hit Obliterator split apart, but there are no nearby shrines.

Your destination is to the southwest of Zora’s Domain across the East Reservoir Lake. No matter where you warp, you’re going to have a bit of a walk (and swim and climb) ahead of you. Just keep heading toward the waypoint until you hear Kass’ accordion. (You might have to fight the natural human instinct to run away from accordion music.)


The stone monument displays three satellite-looking images of nearby. With a little detective work and your map (or just by looking at the image above), you’ll be able to find the approximate locations of your trials.

Find what the light’s path shows

This waypoint is all the way on the eastern shore of Hylia on the other side of Ulria Grotto from Zora’s Domain. Travel to Ke’nai Shakah shrine, then use one of the thermals at either end of the canyon to float up to the top.

Head east (and a little north) until you can see a column of smoke on the eastern horizon. You’ll find a campfire with a couple zora. Muzu will remind you of the hint you got here while you try to figure out your next step.

Rest at the campfire until morning, then look down at the ocean once the sun rises. Just on the other side of the pillar islands, you will see a glowing blue ring down in the water beginning somewhere around 5 a.m. Paraglide down and touch the ring, and the shrine will rise out of the water.

Kee Dafunia shrine

  1. Head down the stairs, then grab the torch leaning against the brazier on the right. Pick it up and light it. Cross the ice bridge to the two large blocks of ice on the other side.
  2. Melt one of the blocks with your torch until you can pick it up. Carry it with you into the next room, then stand on one of the switches. (This room is symmetrical, so you can go left or right to drop an ice block.)
  3. To make yourself steps up to the platform in the middle of the room, drop the block you’re carrying next to the ice block that just fell from the ceiling. Relight your torch at the brazier at the back of the room, then climb your steps.
  4. Melt the first two blocks across the back side of the platform to reveal a tunnel underneath. Melt the block closing off that tunnel to find a chest containing a durability up+ frostblade.
  5. Head back outside (relight your torch and climb back up if you have to), then melt another block enough to create more steps up. You can put your torch away to climb if you have to.
  6. Run past the large ice block at the top of the platform and into the next room to relight your torch if you need it.
  7. Melt the ice block on top of the platform just enough to be able to pick it up. Put your torch away immediately and pick up the block.
  8. Carry it down into the room with the water, and throw it under the low wall.
  9. Pick it up or shove it until it’s against the back wall, then climb on top.
  10. Use cryonis to place an ice block under your feet — and under the block you’re standing on.
  11. Climb up to the top to meet Kee Dafunia and retrieve your Ruta Emblem.

The next level of puzzles.

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