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Zelda Breath of the Wild Champions’ Ballad guide: Noe Rajee shrine walkthrough and puzzle solutions (EX Champion Revali’s Song)

In the Flight Range

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In this The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide, we’ll show you how to find Noe Rajee shrine in the Flight Range. You’ll need to find this shrine as part of the EX Champion Revali’s Song main story quest.

The Champions’ Ballad adds a new main story quest for you to take on after you’ve tamed all four Divine Beasts. The first stage of EX The Champions’ Ballad presents you with a new series of challenges on the Great Plateau. After that, you must complete a series of challenges for each of the Champions.

Finding the stone monument

To begin EX Champion Revali’s Song, you must find the stone monument with hints to the three trial locations. The monument’s location was marked on your map when the One-Hit Obliterator split apart.

Your destination is about halfway between Rito Village and Tabantha Tower. Warp to the top of Tabantha Tower and look north — you’ll be able to see the stone monument. Jump off and paraglide straight north. It’s a long trip (about a full stamina ring), but this is the easiest way to get there. As you get closer, you’ll hear Kass’ accordion. (You might have to fight the natural human instinct to run away from accordion music.)


The stone monument displays three satellite-looking images of the nearby area and Kass’ song gives you hints about what you’ll be doing there. With a little detective work and your map (or just by looking at the image above), you’ll be able to find the approximate locations of your trials.

Shoot four targets to win

Revealing this shrine is both easy and straightforward. Warp to Sha Warvo shrine, then head north into the Flight Range. You’ll see glowing targets as soon as you arrive.

All you have to do is jump off the cliff and shoot four targets on your way down — use the paragliding bullet-time to make this easy. Once you hit your fourth target, the shrine will emerge at the bottom of the pit.

Noe Rajee shrine

  1. Walk forward and shoot the crystal ahead of you. Ride the fan up to the ledge above you.
  2. There are four more crystals on the tower ahead of you that will turn on four fans on four rooftops on the tower ahead of you. Watch the bottom of the tower as it spins until you see a large opening with four fans inside. Paraglide toward the opening — use one of the corner fan towers for a boost if you need it — then ride the fans to the top where there’s a ledge with a crystal. Hit it, then drop down to exit the tower. Use the fans and find a platform to land on.
  3. Next, watch for a closed door with a propellor below it. As that door spins past one of the corner fan towers, the propellor will spin and the door will open. Land on one of the corner fan towers and paraglide up. Wait for your target to spin past and the door open, then bullet-time an arrow shot at the crystal. Once you hit it, use the fans to return to another ledge.
  4. Watch for a wall of destructible blocks to spin past. Stand on one of the fan towers. Switch to one of your remote bombs, then look up. Wait for the blocks to spin your way, then set down the bomb. The fans will blow it straight up. You just have to detonate it when it’s in front of the wall. (This is the same concept as in Shira Gomar shrine.) Once the wall is destroyed, head inside. There’s a crystal right behind the wall you just destroyed. Hit it, then head back to one of the fan towers.
  5. Ride the fan up, then hang out there until you see a room blocked by iron bars spin past. When it passes, drop a little bit then bullet time with your bow. Just above you on the other side of the iron bars, you’ll see the final crystal. Fire an arrow between the bars up into the crystal.
  6. It’s finally time to exit this shrine. Ride one of the fan towers to the top of its updraft, then wait for a rooftop to spin past that you can paraglide over to.
  7. Circle around the tower counterclockwise, using the fans until you’re high enough to get to the very top of the tower in the center.
  8. Before you head for the monk, stay above the center of the tower and turn around. You’ll see a treasure chest on top of a floating island. Paraglide over to the far side of the floating island. There’s a door on the back that you can go through to access a fan inside. Ride the fan through the tunnel to the top of the floating island. Open the chest for a shield guard up +22 Shield of the Mind’s Eye.
  9. Use the various fans around the room to float over to the monk and the exit to claim your Medoh’s emblem.

The next level of puzzles.

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