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Zelda Breath of the Wild Champions’ Ballad guide: Takama Shiri shrine walkthrough and puzzle solutions (EX Champion Urbosa’s Song)

Dual Purpose in the West Barrens

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In this The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide, we’ll show you how to find Takama Shiri shrine in the West Barrens of the Gerudo Desert. You’ll need to find this shrine as part of the EX Champion Urbosa’s Song main story quest.

The Champions’ Ballad adds a new main story quest for you to take on after you’ve tamed all four Divine Beasts. The first stage of EX The Champions’ Ballad presents you with a new series of challenges on the Great Plateau. After that, you must complete a series of challenges for each of the Champions.

Finding the stone monument

To begin EX Champion Urbosa’s Song, you must find the stone monument with hints to the three trial locations. The monument’s location was marked on your map when the One-Hit Obliterator split apart.

The stone monument is in the high mountains on the far eastern edge of Hyrule’s southwestern desert in a location named East Gerudo Mesa. It’s to the east of Divine Beast Van Naboris and north of Suma Sahma shrine. It’s slightly easier and quicker (and downhill) to warp to Suma Sahma and then start trekking north. Shield surf past any enemies that pop up (or fight them if you want), then paraglide across the gap to land on the pillar where the stone monument sits.

The stone monument displays three satellite-looking images of the nearby area, and Kass’ song gives you hints about what you’ll be doing there. With a little detective work and your map (or just by looking at the image above), you’ll be able to find the approximate locations of your trials.

Chase rings upon the land

To reveal this shrine, you’ll need a sand seal (and a shield). Warp to Daqo Chisay shrine in front of Gerudo Town. You can borrow one of the sand seals right out front, or you can go into town and rent one.

Once you’re surfing behind your seal, turn and head northwest. Once you pass the town completely, turn a little more west (about where Kilton’s Fang and Bone is). You’ll see the first ring sitting in the sand.

This course isn’t really tricky, but the rings are far apart, so you’ll have to keep mashing the dash button to spur your seal along. The shrine will appear in the ruins in the northwest corner of the Gerudo Desert.

Takama Shiri shrine

There are two ways to complete this shrine.

The first is to protect yourself from being electrocuted and, essentially, brute force your way through. You can use the rubber set or the thunder helm to do this, or make an electro elixir (some electric darners and a monster part). All of the steps below will still apply if you’re immune to electricity, but we’re going to lay out how to do it if you don’t have any way to protect yourself.

  1. Walk forward and use magnesis to arrange the two metal blocks into a bridge. Place the blocks toward the left side of the platform so they don’t become electrified. Cross over to the far side — where the closed grate is — then turn around. Move both blocks over to the left so they complete the circuit and open the door.
  2. In the next room, don’t step on the first metal block yet — it’s electrified. Move the second metal block as far away from you as you can, then use the first block to follow the catwalk around to the right.
  3. Before you get out of range, turn around and grab the first metal block again. Swing it all the way to your right, pushing the other block on its rail against the wall below the exit.
  4. Follow the catwalk around to the end. Grab the leftmost block on the far rail — the one right in front of the power supply — and push both blocks against the righthand wall. This should break the circuit and let you cross to the other platform.
  5. On the other platform, turn around. Grab the first block on each rail and slide them right to complete the circuit. This leaves the other two blocks as a walkway for you to exit the room. Head up the stairs into the next room.
  6. There are two circuits in this room. The first one we’ll turn on is for the treasure chest. Move the right block on the middle rail left about one block-width — so that it’s still getting power from the bottom. Move the left block on the middle rail to the right until it’s just barely touching the right block.
  7. Move the left block on the bottom rail to the right until it’s getting power from the others. That should complete the circuit for the chest. Run behind the metal blocks and through the hallway. Open the chest for a quick shot royal bow.
  8. Return to the front of the room. Move both blocks on the middle rail all the way to the right. Move the right block on the bottom rail one width to the left — so that it’s disconnected from the power, but still lets you climb. Climb up on top of the second row of blocks, then turn right. Follow the catwalk around to the front of the room.
  9. Slide both blocks on the bottom rail all the way to the right.
  10. Slide both blocks on the middle rail to the middle — this should complete the circuit for the exit. It will look like stairs going up and to the left.
  11. This leaves the right block on the top rail unpowered so you can climb it up and out.
  12. Head through the door and claim your Naboris’s emblem from the monk.

The next level of puzzles.

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