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Zelda Breath of the Wild Champions’ Ballad guide: Shrine of Resurrection Divine Beast walkthrough and puzzle solutions

The hidden Divine Beast beneath the Shrine of Resurrection

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

In this The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide, we’ll show you how to navigate and complete the Divine Beast you discover under the Shrine of Resurrection. This is the penultimate step of the EX Champions’ Ballad main story quest.

The Champions’ Ballad adds a new main story quest for you to take on after you’ve tamed all four Divine Beasts. The first stage of EX The Champions’ Ballad presents you with a new series of challenges on the Great Plateau. After that, you must complete a series of challenges for each of the Champions. Once all of those are complete, you return to the Shrine of Resurrection to complete your trials.

Getting to the Divine Beast


Once you have completed all four Champions’ songs and defeated the corresponding four Ganons in the Illusory Realm, a waypoint will appear in the Shrine of Resurrection on the Great Plateau. Return there, then head back into the room where you retrieved the one-hit obliterator way back when. Drop your sheikah slate on the pedestal to ride the elevator down to the hidden Divine Beast.

Finding the map

Finding the map in this Divine Beast is pretty easy. The map is straight ahead of you about halfway across the floor. Just watch out for the Guardian scout on your left — just shoot an arrow to its eye. Continue across the floor to find the map.

The map allows you to control the direction of rotation of the driveshaft that runs down the middle of the room (and you’re going to be doing that a lot). The map will also show you the location of the four terminals.

This Divine Beast has a pretty simple layout. There’s the long main room with a driveshaft running from end to end — from the entrance to the exit. There are two rooms on each side, each with a terminal inside.

Room 1: Spikes and lava

From the map terminal, head back to the entrance. The gear ahead of you on the right has paddle-like platforms coming up out of the lava that you can ride. Run over and let it carry you up to the platform on the right. Hop off, then wait at the giant spinning disc until a door spins past.

Head inside the room and stop in front of the spinning, spike-covered cylinder. You want the cylinder to be spinning from left to right. Use your map to switch the direction that the driveshaft is spinning — this will make the spike-covered cylinder spin the other way. That makes it so you can follow the spiraling path forward safely. When you get to the end, time your jump through the flames carefully.

Stand next to the switch, then watch the spinning disc at the end of the room. Watch for the funnel end of the tangled pipe to pass next to the platform with the ball. When the funnel passes the platform, step onto the switch to drop the ball into the pipe.

Now you just have to switch the direction of rotation back and forth to lead the ball through the curves of the pipe. Once you get it to the end, the ball will fall onto the platform down the ramp from you.

Carry the ball back to the the wall of flames, then turn right. Drop the ball into the chute — it will roll all the way down and drop into its depression and unlock the room with the terminal.

Make sure the spiky cylinder is spinning in the opposite direction as before, then run down. Head into the room on your left to activate the first terminal.

Before you leave, stand right in the middle of the doorway. Let the door in the spinning wall-disc carry you up, then turn toward the terminal room — there is a treasure chest on the roof. Paraglide over to it and open it for a cobble crusher.

When you return to the main room, there will be four Guardian scouts waiting for you. One arrow to the eye will take each out.

Room 2: Giant spinning cylinder

Run straight across the main room from Room 1 to the first room on the left. There’s a ramp right up to the door, but the disc isn’t spinning. Look up to find a rotating metal bar that is conveniently shaped like the holes in the door disc. Use magnesis to slot the bar into the door disc.

Run to about the middle of the room, but don’t leave the section that’s rotating. Let one of the rotating bumps catch you and carry you up. There are alcoves and stairs on either side of the room. Head up the stairs to the top, then look up to the roof. Use magnesis on the metal beam to knock it loose, then drop it to the floor.

Drop back into the main cylinder and recover the beam. Pick it up from one end so it’s easier to manuever. Slide it into the slot right at the bottom of the not-spinning part of the room. Watch the spinning side of the cylinder for another metal piece. There’s a metal sleeve you can grab with magnesis and slide it out toward the non-spinning end of the room.

Wait for the sleeve you just extended to catch the metal beam you just slotted into the non-spinning side. This will make the entire room spin. If the circuit that opens the door to the terminal doesn’t close, use the map to reverse the direction of the driveshaft.

Head into the terminal room. If you miss your chance to interact with the terminal, just tumble around the room until you get another chance.

When you exit the room this time, there will be more Guardians waiting for you.

Room 3: Fan room

Head back to the spinning gear with the platforms that you rode up to the first room (switching the direction of the driveshaft if you have to). Instead of hopping off onto the first platform, turn around and face the larger gear attached to the driveshaft. There are more paddles you can hop onto that will carry you up to the driveshaft itself.

Before you head toward the far end of the main room, turn around and run along the driveshaft to the platform above where you first came in. There’s a spinning gear on the platform that is blocking a chest. Use stasis to freeze the gear when there’s an opening you can get through to open the treasure chest (this will take a few tries). Open the chest for a Gerudo shield.

Turn around again and run along the driveshaft to the platform at the other end of the room. Turn to the right and go down the stairs. Run all the way down to the platform at the very end. There’s a metal beam sticking out of the wall ahead and above you, but if you look a little further to the right, there’s a treasure chest on top of the shaft. Use magnesis to lift it and bring it back to you. Open it for five bomb arrows.

Before you activate the next room — the one on your right — head down the ladder at the end of the platform. Go to the right — the door to this room is open, but the fan inside is not spinning. There’s a Guardian at the back of the room. Take it down and then open the treasure chest it’s guarding for a swallow bow.

Head back outside and climb the ladder again. Look up and use magnesis to pull the metal beam out of the disconnected shaft. Carry it back up the stairs until you can see the spinning gear on your left, opposite the door disc. Slot the beam into the metal sleeve on the spinning gear. Once it’s locked in, use magnesis on the sleeve and slide it to the right to engage the door disc.

When you return to the room, the fan will be spinning. Climb up the stairs and the ladder in the middle of the room. Use your map to make the fan blow back toward the main room. Let the wind blow your paraglider back to the platform high on the wall above the door.

Climb the ladder to the high platform, then reverse the fan’s direction. Paraglide again and let the fan suck you forward to the platform moving back and forth across the room. Use stasis to freeze the fan, then glide down to the terminal on the right side of the room.

Room 4: Water room

From Room 3, run back to the main room and climb the ladder once again. Run up the stairs and around the platforms to the other side of the room. At the end of the platforms on the left side of the room, you’ll see a platform hanging from some chains on the left. Hop down to the platform, then look up and to the left.

There’s a wheel with sliding weights spinning in the middle of the door disc. Make sure it’s spinning counterclockwise (switch the direction with the map if you have to). Use stasis to lock one of the weights at the end of its beam. It will lift the platform you’re standing on until you can hop through the door into the room.

Head down to the lower platform, then switch over to cryonis. Place an ice block directly underneath the piston-thing. The ice will lift it up and engage it with the driveshaft.

Let the platform on the left side carry you up to the ledge above you. Follow the hallway along to the room at the far end. Use stasis on the giant fidget spinner, then hit it (say, with the cobble crusher you picked up in Room 1) so that it will spin when it unlocks. The water will drain out of the room if the fidget spinner spins enough. Turn to the left to find a treasure chest that was underwater. Open it for a Zora spear.

Swim back across the room — toward the main room — into the hallway. Go up the stairs at the far end, then stand on the switch. The switch triggers a piston, but you’re interested first in what’s behind the piston — when it’s extended there’s a metal ball behind it.

Use magnesis to pick up the ball, then move off of the switch to let the piston retract. Drop the ball in front of the piston, then hop back on the switch. The metal ball will spin the fidget spinner again and refill the room with water. Turn to the right — back behind the piston — and drop an ice block and climb up it to find the final terminal.

Exiting the Divine Beast


Head back into the main room. At the far end, there’s an octagonal metal gear you can extend. Once you get it locked in place, you’ll be able to walk up and talk to Monk Maz Koshia. He has his own guide.