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Zelda Breath of the Wild guide: Ya Naga shrine walkthrough and puzzle solutions

Shatter the heavens

The Ya Naga shrine near the Lake Tower has a deceptively simple trick to it: You can use both kinds of remote bombs at the same time and detonate them in whichever order you choose.

  1. Take a second to familiarize yourself with the room. There are stairs on both sides that lead up to a large stone block on a rail. Under the stone block, there’s a funnel and way up on the ceiling are a bunch of breakable blocks.
  2. Climb up the stairs on either side of the room and place a square remote bomb on top of the block.
  3. Head back down and drop a round remote bomb into the funnel (you can kick it in if you miss the mouth of the funnel).
  4. Step back.
  5. Detonate the round remote bomb to launch the stone block and its payload toward the ceiling.
  6. Quickly switch to the square remote bomb and detonate it when the stone block gets to the top of the rail. This should destroy (most of) the roof. If it doesn’t just try again.
  7. Now it’s your turn to ride the block. Drop another round remote bomb into the funnel and stand on top of the stone block facing the right side of the room (the rail should be on your left).
  8. Detonate the bomb and enjoy the ride.
  9. When the stone reaches the top of the rail and launches you up, deploy your paraglider. There’s a pedestal right in front of you that you can glide to to find a chest containing an eightfold blade.
  10. Hop down and go grab your spirit orb.

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