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Zelda Breath of the Wild guide: Jee Noh shrine walkthrough and puzzle solutions

On the move

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

The Jee Noh shrine in the Wasteland tower area could be called stasis trial part two. Before you take on this trial, make sure you’ve got a few arrows to spare.

  1. Walk forward and watch for the ball to move along the conveyor belt in front of you.
  2. Hit the ball with your stasis rune ability, then shoot it with an arrow — remember that hitting something you’ve time-frozen will store up that energy for when it time-thaws.
  3. The ball should drop into the bowl behind it, opening the door on your right.
  4. In the next room, you have to repeat the process, but with a couple of guardians shooting at you. Just keep moving and do the same thing — stasis the ball and shoot it with an arrow. The guardians’ shots are slow-moving, so you can avoid them easily.
  5. The door will open on your left this time.
  6. Take a deep breath because this room sucks.
  7. Before you step onto the conveyor belt, switch to your magnesis ability and wait on the platform. Watch the conveyor belt on the other side of the room. A chest will appear that you can grab — pull it over to you and open it for an opal.
  8. To the right of the door you came through, there’s a dispenser. Pick up the ball waiting there and head for the conveyor belt.
  9. Your goal is to time it so you pass the laser at the same time a block is blocking the beam. You can use your stasis ability here, but make sure the ball is close at hand because that conveyor belt is moving fast and things don’t stay time-frozen for long.
  10. Duck onto the platform on the left side of the conveyor belt to catch your breath, then stasis the conveyor belt in front of you — the laser is coming from your side of the belt, so there’s no way to block it.
  11. With the belt time-frozen, walk close to the laser and crouch. This will drop the ball in front of you and let you crawl under the laser. Once you’re underneath, stand up, pick up the ball and keep walking forward.
  12. Since you’re kind of out of options now, just get close to the final laser and watch for a block on the other conveyor belt. Time it so that you pass while the laser is being blocked. (Writing that makes it sound simple. It’s not. There are a lot of moving parts to juggle and it took us several tries to pull it off.)
  13. Drop the ball in the bowl on your left when you get off of the conveyor belt and go claim your spirit orb.

The next level of puzzles.

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