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Zelda Breath of the Wild guide: Ta’loh Naeg shrine walkthrough and puzzle solutions

Ta’loh Naeg’s teaching

The Ta’loh Naeg shrine above Kakariko Village is another combat-type shrine, but this one teaches you a few new tricks.

Again, we’re not going to walk you through it — the game does a great job of that on its own. Here are the highlights.

  • Turn left and right before the fight begins to find chests containing an eightfold blade and a shield of the mind’s eye.
  • Side hop by locking onto an enemy with LZ and pressing left or right on the left thumbstick to strafe, then jumping.
  • Perform a perfect dodge to launch a flurry rush.
  • Perform a backflip by locking on, pressing back (away) on the left thumbstick and jumping.
  • A well-timed backflip will also unlock a flurry rush.
  • Perform a perfect guard by locking onto an enemy and parrying with the A button at the right time.
  • This, too, gives you the flurry rush option.
  • Hold down Y to do a charged attack.
  • Grab the opal in the chest on the way out to get your spirit orb.

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