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Zelda Breath of the Wild guide: Daka Tuss shrine walkthrough and puzzle solutions

Sunken scoop

Full disclosure: The Daka Tuss shrine in the Lanayru tower region is one of our favorites. Both because of the fun rune puzzle, but also because the name sounds like a rimshot.

  1. Use your magnesis to pick up the metal scoop at the bottom of the pool.
  2. Maneuver it under one of the floating balls and pick it up.
  3. Swing it around to your left over the caged-in bowl-switch and then shake it around a little to knock the ball out.
  4. Take the metal scoop with you when you move on to the next room.
  5. Use the scoop to pick up another ball.
  6. Drop the ball on top of the bowl-switch’s cage.
  7. Move the metal scoop to the bottom of the pool and drop it on top of the large pressure plate there. This will open the roof of the cage and drop the ball into the bowl-switch.
  8. Before you exit, head back to the first room and drop into the now emptied pool. There’s a hallway in the back leading to a room with a chest. Go claim your silver longsword.
  9. Retrace your steps and exit to pick up the spirit orb.

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