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How to get through the Lost Woods in Breath of the Wild

It’s easier than you think!

The Lost Woods are the key to Korok Forest and more
Nintendo via Polygon

Whether you’re looking to hunt down the final location of Hestu in Korok Forest or looking to locate a certain item inside the Lost Woods, the challenge of getting through The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s most confusing forest can be annoying. Thankfully, getting through The Lost Woods is actually much easier to figure out than the forest would lead you to believe!

How to get to the Lost Woods

The Lost Woods can be found in the north
Nintendo via Polygon

To quickest to get to The Lost Woods is from Woodland Tower. Of course, once you get to the top of Woodland Tower, you realize that there is a giant stone skull obscuring the top of the tower, making it impossible to glide into the woods from there.

To get there, go on the beaten path toward the woods until you reach this cliff.

Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

How to get through the Lost Woods

Once you begin to approach the woods, you’ll get wrapped up in the fog, and you’ll appear here. You are now trapped in the Lost Woods (but you can always fast travel out if you want, though).

Nintendo via Polygon

Once you walk through the gate, look to your right, and you’ll see a lit lantern. Notice where the embers are pointing due to the wind.

Pay attention to the wind
Nintendo via Polygon

If you keep following them where the wind is blowing, you’ll end up here at two lanterns.

Here is where the challenge begins
Nintendo via Polygon

Your first time here, you’ll find a torch (but you can also use whatever is wooden in your inventory or just cut a small tree down to grab a branch). Light up, and then you’ll notice the embers of your torch will also blow in the direction of the wind. Begin following that. The wind should always be at your back, and you should follow which direction the embers are blowing toward.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Link holds a torch in a field
Follow the wind
Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

Every so often, you should stop and see if the wind has moved. When it does, it’ll be obvious if you pay attention to where the embers are blowing. If you mess up at any point, you’ll be teleported back to the last area with the two lit lanterns.

If you do your job well, you’ll end up at a clearing.

You’re almost there!
Nintendo via Polygon

Once you’re here, Korok Forest is just a few steps away. Follow the path down between the two rock faces and the forest will eventually reveal itself.

Welcome to Korok Forest!
Nintendo via Polygon

From there, you’ll meet some old friends, find some interesting items and some Shrines to complete (which you can easily fast travel to later).

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