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Zelda Breath of the Wild guide: Kam Urog shrine (Cursed Statue shrine quest) walkthrough and puzzle solutions

Trial of passage

The Kam Urog shrine is associated with the Cursed Statue shrine quest.

How to get the Cursed Statue shrine quest

You pick up this side quest by speaking with Doctor Calip in his cabin on the east side of Fort Hateno. (If you don’t see Calip in his house, sleep in his bed until morning, and he’ll appear.) He’ll tell you about an ancient text he’s been working on, and you can follow him to his field work site. (He’ll leave the house at about 6:05 a.m.)

The solution is much simpler than Calip’s riddle implies — all you have to do is wait for night (either with a lot of waiting around or by creating a campfire with wood and flint and choosing to wait until night). Then you just have to shoot the statue with the glowing eyes.

How to solve the Kam Urog shrine

Inside the shrine, things are a bit harder.

  1. Run down the ramp and up to the entrance of the spinning room — we’d call it the inside-of-a-dryer simulator, but we don’t want any cool babies reading this to think it’s OK to play inside of dryers.
  2. Avoid the spiked balls, and make your way to the middle of the rotating drum. Let the beam catch you and push you up and around.
  3. When the angle is shallow enough for you to run up the beam, do so and hop onto the gear in the middle of the drum.
  4. Wait here on your own little merry-go-round until you see a treasure chest roll past. Hop onto the treasure chest’s platform when it’s about horizontal and slowly Inception hallway your way around it until both you and the chest are upright and you can open it to collect a soldier’s spear with a long throw upgrade.
  5. Continue carefully walking around the chest’s platform as it spins until it’s upside down and becomes stairs.
  6. Before taking the stairs up, hop off and use your paraglider to float down underneath your destination. There, you’ll find a treasure chest with an opal.
  7. Watch everything turning in the middle, and wait for the first treasure chest to reappear. Jump on it and, once again, walk around it until it becomes stairs.
  8. Take the stairs up, turn left and claim your spirit orb.

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