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Zelda Breath of the Wild guide: Pumaag Nitae shrine walkthrough and puzzle solutions

A minor test of strength

Just to the east of Lake Tower in Faron Woods, Pumaag Nitae shrine lies just off the road. It’s another test of strength, so you don’t get a walkthrough here, just some pictures and tips.

  • This guardian also carries a shield, so you’re going to have to attack from the back or knock its shield out of the way with a heavy weapon.
  • Once again, use the pillars to your advantage. The guardian has some laser-eye attacks and a spinning charge attack that are pretty impossible to dodge. It’s much better to just put a pillar between you and it and wait out its temper-tantrum.
  • If you can, keep some distance and chip away at its health with a bow. (We didn’t have a good one-handed weapon so we couldn’t use a shield — this approach saved us a lot of frustration.)