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Zelda Breath of the Wild guide: Qukah Nata shrine (A song of storms puzzle quest) solutions

Qukah Nata’s blessing

Qukah Nata shrine (which is part of the A song of storms puzzle quest) lies at the top of the waterfall at Calora Lake straight east from Faron tower. There’s nothing to figure out inside the shrine itself, but finding it is a puzzle in and of itself.

A song of storms puzzle quest

How to find Qukah Nata shrine

To begin the A song of storms puzzle quest, you need to find Kaas on the east bank of Calora Lake. You can see his position on the map above. Or you could just listen for his accordion and follow the sound.

The first step is to climb to the top of the waterfall — this is very easy with the Zora armor. Once you’re at the top, look to the right of the waterfall, and you’ll see a mound with a strange, vein-like pattern on it. This is the shrine — you just have to figure out how to get to it.

Around this same time, you’ll probably notice that there’s a thunderstorm happening and lightning all around — hopefully you notice before you get struck. This is both a pain in the butt and a hint.

Climb to the top of that strange mound — this may take a few tries because the rain makes the handholds slick. When you get to the top, it’s time to make the lightning work for you. Drop something metal — just make sure you pick something you’re not too attached to because you may not get it back. (We got the iron sledgehammer back after the lightning strike, but it appears that weaker weapons will be destroyed.)

Next, (don’t be like us and) get off the top of the mound — you are calling down lightning after all. Lightning will strike the metal object you dropped and crack open the mound revealing the shrine.

Take the elevator down get the rubber tights (no comment) out of the chest and pick up your spirit orb.

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