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Zelda Breath of the Wild guide: Shae Katha shrine walkthrough and puzzle solutions

Shae Katha’s blessing

The Shae Katha shrine is part of the Serpent’s Jaws shrine quest. And that quest will send you on a long and involved journey that involves a river, a shrine, a dragon and absurd amounts of lightning. In this guide, we’ll show you how it’s done.

Before you start, though, we have a recommendation: complete the Qukah Nata shrine. The reward you get from it will make your journey her much, much easier. (More on that throughout.)

Finding Kaas and getting the Serpent’s Jaws shrine quest

As you travel east from Lake Tower along the road through Faron Forest, you’ll bump into Kaas, an accordion-playing Rito who will sing you an ancient song. It’s a short song and very pertinent to your surroundings:

"Where the forest dragon splays its jaws, a shrine sleeps with noble cause."

This will start the Serpent’s Jaws shrine quest.

Travel to Dracozu river

Consult your map, and you’ll find a river just to the north-northeast of where you meet the Kaas. It’s named Dracozu, which might be a hint. It looks a lot like a dragon flowing through the Damel Forest.

Follow the river to its headwaters at Lake Dracozu (which is shaped like a serpent’s mouth), and you’ll find a bunch of lizalfos (lizalfoses? Lizalfosi? Lizalsfos?) and a huge moblin guarding a goddess statue at the Spring of Courage. Kill everything (and if you have completed the Qukah Nata shrine, put on your rubber tights for extra lightning defense).

Praying at that Spring of Courage statue will tell you to:

"Offer Farosh’s scale received from the golden spirit to the Spring of Courage."

Next up, shockingly, is finding Farosh’s scale.

Your destination will be southeast of the Spring of Courage. You’re free to take any path you like, but consider scaling the mountain to the east of Dracozu lake. There’s a treasure-trove of stones to break for gems — particularly, the elusive luminous stones. The map below shows the location.

Every gem a gem

You can also fast travel to Shoda Sah shrine, Qukah Nata shrine, Shai Utoh shrine, all of which are in the vicinity of your destination.

How to find Farosh’s scale

Farosh, it turns out, is a dragon constantly surrounded by lightning. You can find him nightly near Floria Bridge, southwest of the Spring of Courage. Every night (we've seen him around 9:30 p.m. and 1 a.m.), he emerges from just north of Floria Falls and flies toward Floria Bridge.

Make yourself a campfire right on the bridge and sit there until night. Then wait a couple minutes. (There’s a korok you can find at the pinwheel in the middle of the bridge — just shoot the balloons — if you’re looking to kill some time. If you’re looking to kill more time, just keep firing arrows into the korok’s face — it doesn’t do anything, but it’s pretty satisfying.)

When Farosh flies past, unequip anything metal (and put on your rubber tights, which you can get at the Qukah Nata shrine). Shoot his body with an arrow. A bright Farosh’s scale will fly off and land somewhere nearby. Go retrieve it and then return to the Spring of Courage.

Back at the Spring of Courage

When you get back to the spring, drop the Farosh’s scale into the water to unlock the shrine. There’s no puzzle this time, so just walk in, pick up the thunderspear from the chest and get your spirit orb.

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