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Zelda Breath of the Wild: How to revive a dead horse

Your dead horses will never be beat in Breath of the Wild

As we wrote in our Breath of the Wild horses guide, we found out the hard way that horses can die. It’s painful (and not just for the horse — zing!). But all is not lost, even if your favorite mount passes away. Find the horse fairy, and you can resurrect dead steeds.

Find the horse god Malanya

Warp to Lake tower, in south Hyrule. Better yet, travel Ka'o Makagh shrine because it’s closer. (Either way, you can see your route and destination in the images above.)

Grab a horse at Highland stable, and take the roads west and south, as shown in the images above. Cross the horse god bridge, and your destination is just ahead at the road’s end.

How to resurrect a dead horse

When you arrive at the end of the road, you’ll see what appears to be a standard fairy fountain. It’s not. It’s actually the home of horse god Malanya. Pay her 1,000 rupees, and she’ll unlock any dead horses free of charge (after you pay her the one-time fee, obviously).

We used her to unlock our beloved Rudy, an amazing horse you can get from The Royal White Stallion side quest. It’d work just as well for the giant horse, too.

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