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Zelda Breath of the Wild guide: Dah Hesho shrine walkthrough and puzzle solutions

A minor test of strength

Dah Hesho shrine is east of Akkala tower on the opposite shore of Lake Akkala. It’s another fighting shrine, so we’re going to give you a bonus first.

Dah Hesho Korok solution

Outside of Dah Hesho shrine, you’ll see three of those miniature goddess statues, two of which have apples in the offering plates in front of them. These are not, like we believed for a long time, just free apples.

Drop an apple into the empty offering tray and you’ll get a korok seed.

Dah Hesho shrine

In this test of strength, you’ll once again have to fight a guardian. This one has a big axe.

  • That axe is nasty, so try to use a one-handed weapon that lets you keep your shield out.
  • If you don’t have a good one-handed weapon, practice those advanced techniques you learned from the Ta’Loh Naeg shrine.
  • When the guardian starts in on its ranged attacks, use the pillars for cover.
  • This time, too, we had a lot of luck firing elemental arrows from behind cover to interrupt attacks and finish off the guardian.
  • Hit the chest on the way out for a giant ancient core and then pick up your spirit orb.

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