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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Keo Ruug shrine

Fateful stars

The Keo Ruug shrine is located within Korok forest, in north central Hyrule within the Woodland tower area.

The trick to solving the puzzles in Keo Ruug shrine lies in the number of constellations you count on the wall, and then placing a ball representing that number in the rows and columns on either side of the central platform.

If you stand on the central platform and look at the far high wall, you’ll see several constellations.

To your left beneath where you’re standing, you’ll see two columns that run from the front to the back of the room. You’ll see two more columns to your right, too. Each column has five rows, and each row is associated with a number of lights on the wall, from one light to five lights.

Each column represents a constellation (which you can see at the head of each column on the lower wall), and each light represents the number of constellations that appears on the far high wall.

All you have to do is count the number of constellations on the upper wall and place a ball into the container in the column that matches the number of constellations you count.

From left to right, here’s where you need to place the balls:

  • Column 1, row 5
  • Column 2, row 3
  • Column 3, row 1
  • Column 4, row 2

When the door opens and you walk down the stairs, turn right and you’ll see another locked gate with another series of related constellations on the upper wall. Head back up the stairs and arrange the balls like this:

  • Column 1, row 4
  • Column 2, row 2
  • Column 3, row 2
  • Column 4, row 1

That will open the door and reveal a treasure chest with a knight’s claymore. Then you can collect your spirit orb and head out.