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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Dako Tah shrine puzzle solutions

Electric path

Dako Tah shrine is in southwest Hyrule, southeast of Gerudo tower, in the Wasteland tower area.

  1. Walk up the stairs, turn right and kill the guardian.
  2. Continue down the hallway and walk onto the moving platform.
  3. Use magnesis to grab the electric cube from the landing at the far end of the moving platform.
  4. Use magnesis to hold the electric cube against the wall, which will keep the platform moving back to where you came from.
  5. Carry the electric cube up the ramp and place it next to the switch, which will make the platform on which the switch stands start moving up and down.
  6. Hop off the platform as it’s moving up to find a treasure chest with a moonlight scimitar.
  7. Take the platform up as high as it’ll go, and step off, bringing the electric cube with you.
  8. Drop the electric cube on the metal grates below you to eliminate both guardians in the room below.
  9. Use magnesis to move the electric cube off of the metal grates, somewhere off to the side of the room.
  10. Hop down to find another treasure chest with an ancient core.
  11. Use magnesis to push the large cube at the far end of the room away.
  12. Pick up the metal cube, walk through the opening you’ve created, and take the ramp down.
  13. Put the metal cube down somewhere where it won’t shock you.
  14. Hit the switch and wait for a platform to rise.
  15. Take the platform down and open another treasure chest for 100 rupees.
  16. Take the platform back up and pick up the electric cube again.
  17. Return to the area where you hit the switch that led to the treasure chest, but walk up a ramp and then ride a platform up.
  18. Place the cube on a small platform. This will activate another platform that leads to the end of the shrine.
  19. Walk up the short ramp, wait for the platform to arrive, and walk on to the platform.
  20. Use magnesis to push the large cube out of your way as you ride the platform. Don’t leave the shrine just yet, though.
  21. Instead, ride the platform all the way to the end, still using magnesis to hold on to the large cube.
  22. Move the large cube to the left to reveal yet another treasure chest.
  23. Ride the platform back to open the treasure chest for a radiant shield.
  24. Wait for the platform to return, and then jump on to take it to the shrine’s exit, where you can collect your spirit orb.

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