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Zelda: Breath of the Wild rupee farming - How to make rupees with bowling

The bowling minigame is your hotspot for rupee farming

The best way to do rupee farming is the bowling mini game

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is filled with secrets but one of the biggest mysteries is how to make rupees fast and reliably. Thankfully, one of the easiest ways to accomplish rupee farming can be done with the bowling minigame.

How to find the bowling minigame

In the video above, we detail the easy technique we learned from the Breath of the Wild community. It involves heading up to Pondo’s Lodge right next to the Hebra Tower located in northwest Hyrule.

Hebra Tower is located in the northwest
Image: Nintendo

How to bowl in Breath of the Wild

Before you get started, make sure you have the Pro HUD turned off and the Sheikah Slate sensor is turned on. In addition, you should have at least two pieces of cold resistance gear on, since you’ll be standing in the cold for a while.

Once you’ve made it to Pondo’s Lodge, you need to get into a very specific position.

Make sure your right leg is on the rock and slightly bent

Stand at the top of the hill and make sure your right leg is on this rock with your right leg slightly bent.

Then move the camera so the Sheikah Slate sensor is covering the moose statue’s right eye. Once it’s lined up, slowly move your left stick forward until Link repositions himself forward. Once realigned, tap the R button and Link should roll the snowball downhill.

If done correctly, Link will net 300 rupees for a strike. If you do miss, you can get a spare and get 100 rupees. Keep in mind that each try costs 20 rupees, but the net return is still good for the time invested.

Thanks to reddit user kumakumaa for the tip.

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