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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: The Eighth Heroine location and how to get sand boots

How to get the sand boots (while using the snow boots)

Breath of the Wild treats armor differently than other Legend of Zelda games, and the sand boots are a typical example. The clothing, which lets you travel faster over sandy environments, is the reward for completing The Eighth Heroine side quest. In this guide, we’ll show you how it’s done and where you need to go.

How to get The Eighth Heroine side quest

Bozai the bozo

Travel to Gerudo town in southwestern Hyrule. (Daqo Chisay shrine is the closest warp point.)

Outside, you’ll find a man named Bozai running around the outskirts of town. Speak to him to unlock The Eighth Heroine side quest.

He’ll also give you snow boots, which let you travel faster while up to your knees in (you guessed it) snow. This is particularly important because the path to the Bronze Giant you need to photograph with your camera is (shockingly) full of deep snow.

At this point, you can return to Bozai to finish the quest. Or you can do something that isn't exactly, uh, fair, but is exactly fast. There's another picture you can take up here and present to Bozai. See our The Forgotten Sword side quest guide if you're into that.

How to complete The Eighth Heroine side quest

In short, you need to find the titular eighth heroine and take a picture of it. The path to the Guerdo Highlands (your destination) is full of treasure, so our walkthrough will show you a path to riches.

What you should bring: weapons and armor

Before you start climbing the mountains, put on your warmest clothes and your snow boots, which speed your travels through snow. If you’re looking for warm armor, consider the snowquill armor set, which you can get in Rito village.

You should also equip fire-based weapons (and you can buy fire arrows in Gerudo town.) The enemies ahead of you have an elemental weakness to cold. If you have a fire-based weapon and fire arrows, you’ll be at a huge advantage. Many enemies go down with one hit from a flaming arrow.

How to find the eighth heroine

The eighth heroine is in the Guerdo Highlands, northwest of Gerudo town. Browse the gallery above for the exact location.

To get there, you can rent a sand seal and head northwest. Or you can warp to Kuh Takkar shrine. We strongly suggest starting from the shrine, because the path from there is absolutely filled with treasure.

Finally, it’s a long journey, so consider eating meals or drinking elixirs that boost your movement speed.

The eighth heroine side quest

Travel to Kuh Takkar shrine and head northwest, up the mountains.

Keep magnesis at the ready, and check it often. There are tons of treasure chests on the way up that include items like a golden bow, rupees, arrows of all varieties and golden claymores. When you see a treasure chest buried in the snow, use magnesis to pull it out and reap the rewards.

When you reach the point above, use your paraglider on the updraft to make some quick progress, always heading northwest.

How to take the right picture

Paragliding into the eighth heroine’s hands
Make sure that her head and torso appear in the picture you take

You’ll likely arrive at the eighth heroine while on your paraglider. Use it to land on her hands. Open your camera and take a picture of her head and torso, as shown above.

How to complete The Eighth Heroine side quest

Travel back to Daqo Chisay shrine, on the outskirts of Gerudo town. Speak to Bozai, and demand your sand boots. (You may have to chase him down to find him, but his location will always appear on your map if you have The Eighth Heroine side quest active.)

You’ll have to give back the snow boots to get the sand boots, but visit Bozai in a tent near the main entrance to Gerudo town, and you’ll start The Forgotten Sword side quest, which will get you the snow boots back.

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