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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: The Forgotten Sword side quest walkthrough (How to get the snow boots)

Getting snow boots with a picture

The Forgotten Sword side quest begins when you speak to Bozai after completing The Eighth Heroine side quest. At the end of the previous quest, you had to turn in your snow boots to get sand boots. In this quest, you’ll get the snow boots back.

How to get The Forgotten Sword side quest

Speak to Bozai, who’s pouting in a tent outside the main entrance to Gerudo town. (Daqo Chisay shrine is the closest warp point.) He’ll tell you that, in the picture you took of the eighth heroine, she’s missing a sword. Your job is to go back up the mountain, take a picture of the sword, and return to Bozai. You reward will be Bozai’s snow boots.

What you should bring: weapons and armor

As we suggested in our Eighth Heroine side quest guide, put on your warmest clothes and your snow boots, which speed your travels through snow. If you’re looking for warm armor, consider the snowquill armor set, which you can get in Rito village.

You should also equip fire-based weapons (and you can buy fire arrows in Gerudo town.) The enemies ahead of you have an elemental weakness to cold. If you have a fire-based weapon and fire arrows, you’ll be at a huge advantage. Many enemies go down with one hit from a flaming arrow.

How to find the forgotten sword

What it looks like from space when you’re looking at the forgotten sword

Hike back up to Gerudo Highlands, warping to Kuh Takkar shrine if you can. Check out the image above for the forgotten sword’s exact location. (And note that the treasure chests on the right show the locations of treasures and conveniently mark the path you take from Kuh Takkar shrine.)

How to photograph the forgotten sword

We took two pictures of the forgotten sword, entirely because we didn’t want to make the trip back here. When you’re framing your shot, use the image above as a guide.

How to complete the forgotten sword side quest

Our beloved snow boots (and also that bozo Bozai)

Warp back to Garudo town. (Daqo Chisay shrine is the closest warp point.) Return to Bozai in his tent, show him your camera’s picture, and collect your snow boots.

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