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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - ‘Divine Beast Vah Naboris’ main quest guide and walkthrough

Join us on an epic, sometimes stealthy journey

Breath of the Wild’s Divine Beast Vah Naboris main quest in is, to be frank, epic. Not only does it encompass some of the game’s most challenging encounters and puzzles (and a legitimately great stralth section), but it also opens the doors to several related quests.

In this guide, we’ll cover them all, showing you how to defeat every enemy, solve every puzzle and emerge victorious.

Table of contents

Related quests and shrines
Divine Beast Vah Naboris quests

Daqo Chisay shrine

There isn’t much in this desolate corder of the map, but just outside of Gerudo Town, you’ll find the Daqo Chisay shrine. At the very least, interact with the terminal out front to create a fast travel point. Better yet, complete Daqo Chisay shrine with our guide.

Forbidden City Entry main quest (How to get into Gerudo Town)

Before you can enter Gerudo Town, you need a disguise. Head northeast from Gerudo Town to the Kara Kara Bazaar. (See the map above.) There, you’ll find a man who’ll sell you Gerudo clothes for 600 rupees. (He’s standing on the roof of the inn.)

Put these on — all of them — and you’ll be able to enter Gerudo Town when you return. As a bonus, wearing the entire set grants you a heat-resistant bonus (which is helpful here in the desert).

How to get the Divine Beast Vah Naboris main quest

When you get into Gerudo Town, head straight through the front gate, up the far steps and into the building there to meet the chief, Riju. She’ll give you the Divine Beast Vah Naboris quest. Speak to Captain Teake (as Riju tells you to) and head out to investigate the Yiga Clan Hideout.

How to find the Yiga Clan Hideout

You need to head of Gerudo Town to investigate the thieves, so rent a sand seal from Frelly in Gerudo Town. (They’re like horses for sand.)

Dako Tah shrine is a good waypoint

You could go straight there, but your best bet is to find Dako Tah shrine, which gives you a warp location (and keeps you from renting another sand seal).

The path into the Yiga Clan Hideout (see the map above) includes a few confrontations with Yiga Clan members. They’re not terribly difficult alone, but they attack in groups, and they’re awfully quick. Charge them, and they’ll run.

If you have a spear, this is the time to use it. Spears have range, and they’re quick, too. You don’t have to get a close as you would with other weapons. (Also, two-handed weapons tend to be ineffective. By the time you can swing a heavy weapon, they’ll be gone.)

Just remember to press B to sheathe your spear when you're not attacking. That’s how you can block.

How to get into the Yiga Clan Hideout

The entrance to the Yiga Clan Hideout is a puzzle. Pick up a torch (save your arrows), light it, and approach each of the black tapestries atop each of the short staircases. After a few seconds of standing there, the tapestries will catch fire.

You’ll find treasure behind some, nothing behind others, Keeses behind still others — and, ultimately, the entrance to the Yiga Clan Hideout.

Prepare with stealth armor

Before you begin your journey through Yiga Clan Hideout, we have a recommendation: If you haven’t already, go to Kakariko Village and buy the stealth armor. It’s not cheap …

  • Stealth Chest Guard: 700 rupees
  • Stealth Tights: 600 rupees
  • Stealth Mask: 500 rupees

… but it’s unbelievably useful throughout Breath of the Wild — and especially here in the Yiga Clan Hideout.

You’re so quiet while wearing it that you can basically jog right up to birds (among the most skittish animals in the game) before they notice you. And you need to be quiet in Yiga Clan Hideout. Very quiet, in fact.

If you have anything of value, sell it and get the 1,800 rupees you need. You won’t regret it, and you can always find more gems. (In fact, you’re about to.)

Yiga Clan hideout walkthrough

When you enter the Yiga Clan Hideout, you’ll see a woman, Barta, who speaks of the Thunder Helm. That’s what you’ll need to collect.

Your goal should be to get through this area without being seen. If you are seen, then it’s effectively game over. You’ll be swamped, and you almost certainly won’t be able to defeat your enemies.

So the strategy here is simple: be quiet, be stealthy. And also collect a ton of treasure.

Here’s how to get through and collect all of the treasure without being seen:

  1. Walk up the stairs and take the Mighty Bananas.
  2. Wait for the guard below to walk to your left, and then paraglide down, past him.
  3. Walk down the stairs and drop some Mighty Bananas in the path just beyond the farthest barrier.
  4. Make some noise to alert the guard near the door. He’ll investigate, find the food, and get distracted while dancing and eating.
  5. Run back toward the stairs and then turn and run to the other side of the room. Pillage a treasure chest there for a sapphire.
  6. Run through the door where the guard stood, turn left, and climb the ladder at the end of the hallway.
  7. Run down the corridor and collect approximately 473,222 Mighty Bananas.
  8. Open the treasure chest in the same room for topaz.
  9. Retrace your steps, turn left at your first opportunity, and jump onto the box. A guard patrols the box, walking around it below you.
  10. Hop off the box when the guard can’t see you, and follow him around, collecting a ruby from a corner and topaz, amber and an opal, which are all sitting on wooden crates.
  11. Climb back up to the top of the box.
  12. Watch the guard patrolling around your box and a guard in the distance, who patrols an area around a ladder.
  13. When you’re confident that neither guard can see you, paraglide off your box, toward the ladder.
  14. Crouch and sneak past the guard and climb the ladder.
  15. At the top of the ladder, take your first right and collect the Mighty Bananas sitting out in the open and, beyond them, a silver rupee (worth 100 rupees) from the treasure chest.
  16. Walk away from the treasure chest, taking the path to the right as far as you can go. You’ll see a ladder, but don’t climb down it.
  17. Instead, jump off the ledge, deploy your paraglider and very carefully make your way along the wall, through the entrance covered with spikes and into the next room.
  18. Pillage the two treasure chests there for two gold rupees (worth 300 rupees each).
  19. Walk back to the room you came from, and take the ladder up.
  20. Take the path forward, and turn right at your first opportunity, so that you’re standing on a white cloth.
  21. Look down, and you’ll see a guard standing in front of a door.
  22. Drop Mighty Bananas off of the ledge where you’re standing to attract the guard’s attention.
  23. Paraglide over the guard’s head while he’s distracted, and walk into the room he was guarding.
  24. Open the treasure chest in the center of the room for some super disappointing Mighty Bananas.
  25. Use magnesis to find and unearth three treasure chests for topaz, more topaz and a ruby. There’s also a duplex bow (which fires two arrows at a time) you can pick up on the far side of the room behind the treasure chest.
  26. Destroy the pots in the room for a bunch of arrows (because you’re about to need them).
  27. Use magnesis on the discolored wall to uncover the entrance to the boss fight with Master Kohga.

Master Kohga boss fight

Link strafes around the battlefield with Master Kohga, who summons a large metal ball that falls back onto him Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

There isn’t much to the Master Kogha boss fight, mostly because he’s a goofball.

When he raises a boulder over his head, shoot him with an arrow. Repeat the process until the second phase of the fight begins, and then … well, repeat the process when boulders appear over his head as he’s floating over the giant hole in the middle of the room.

After the fight, you’ll get the Thunder Helm, which you can take back to Riju in Gerudo Town.

To Gerudo Town or the Kuh Takkar shrine

At this point, you can feel free to warp back to Gerudo Town and advance the mission, but you have another option. Climb the walls at the far end of the arena where you fought Master Kohga. Head northeast, and you’ll soon find Kuh Takkar shrine.

Outside of Divine Beast Vah Naboris

Return to Gerudo Town, equip the clothing to pretend you’re a girl, and head to the back of the city to speak to the chief, Riju, once again. Armed with the Thunder Helm, she’ll offer to help you begin the fight with Divine Beast Vah Naboris.

When you’re set, rent a sand seal, and take it to the marker on your map. Get the golden bow from inside the building (it’s awesome because it lets you zoom in), and take the ladder up top where Riju will give you 20 bomb arrows.

Before you begin, this is a good time to equip your rubber tights. There’s lots of lightning ahead (and even at the tail end of this mission), so they won’t hurt. Don’t have rubber tights? Check out our Shae Katha shrine guide.

The plan? Ride your sand seals, and shoot Vah Naboris in the feet. It’s actually quite simple. You don’t even have to worry about steering your sand seal. Just concentrate on shooting the feet.

When you succeed, you’ll gain access to Divine Beast Vah Naboris. When you arrive, you’ll interact automatically with the Travel Gate, giving yourself a travel point if you need to leave and return.

Inside of Divine Beast Vah Naboris

With his feet immobilized, it’s time to go inside of Divine Beast Vah Naboris. In this section of our guide, we’ll show you how to solve the puzzles and find the treasure.

Find the map (and get a treasure chest)

Head straight away from the terminal where you start and destroy the guardian scout, who drops ancient parts and a guardian spear. Head up the ramps and destroy the eyeball in goo. That will clear the goo and give you access to the belly of the beast.

Treasure chest on a rope

When you arrive in the belly of Vah Naboris, you’ll see (at the far end) a treasure chest hanging from a rope. Here’s how to get it:

  1. Use stasis on the treasure chest.
  2. Use your bow and arrow to cut the rope holding it up.
  3. Switch to magnesis, center the treasure chest in your reticle, and keep pressing A to activate magnesis.
  4. The moment that stasis ends, you’ll grab the treasure chest with magnesis. Pull it toward you.
  5. Open the treasure chest for an ancient core.

Finding the map

  1. Walk up to the platform in the middle from one of the beams on the side of the round room. Look out of the door to your right, and you can eliminate a guardian scout with an eye shot. That’ll knock it off of Vah Naboris with one hit. (Also of note: The terminal in the middle of the room is the Main Control Unit, and you can’t interact with it yet.)
  2. Facing the main control unit, walk up the ramp and out of the door on your left. Kill the guardian scout wielding an ancient battle axe for his weapon and some ancient material.
  3. Walk up the ramp to the left of the door, around the corner and down into a room to find a treasure chest with five bomb arrows.
  4. Walk back into the central room, and drop down to the bottom floor.
  5. Head in the direction where the treasure chest used to hang from a rope, but turn right before going outside. There’s a walkway here that will never move. Walk up, and you’ll find yourself in the map room. Interact with the guidance stone to get the map of Divine Beast Vah Naboris.

About the Divine Beast Vah Naboris map

This, as it does with all Divine Beasts, allows you to control the animal-shaped machine. Vah Naboris’ controls are all about rotating the central drum. And, of course, through this you’ll be able to find all five terminals.

There’s one special thing about this map to note, too: There are also closed circuits (green lines) and open circuits (orange lines). These are your signposts, the things we’ll use when we talk about rotating the map.

Keep in mind that, no matter what you rotate, you can always return to the map room. We’ll often use that as our base of operations to keep everything straight.

Two treasure chests

This section assumes you have Revali’s gale, which you get from completing the Divine Beast Vah Medoh main quest. If you don’t have it, just skip to the next section. There’s an alternate way to get these treasure chests, which we discuss immediately following terminal 2.

The middle cylinder has a platform with two treasure chests, and you can get that now if you have Revali’s gale.

Your first job: eliminating the eyeballs (and therefore the goo that surrounds the treasure chests). The easiest way is to stand in the belly of the beast and rotate the middle cylinder until you have a clean shot at the eyeball.

Here’s how to get the two treasure chests:

  1. Stand on the ledge outside of the map room.
  2. Rotate the cylinder closest to the map room so that the closed circuit is on the far wall (assuming that Vah Naboris’ head is pointing to the right on the map).
  3. Hop down onto the platform jutting out from the closest cylinder, and walk to the end.
  4. Use Revali’s gale to fly up to the top of the cylinder.
  5. Glide down to the platform with the treasure chest, and open it for a knight’s bow.
  6. Rotate the middle cylinder two times, so that the closed circuit is on the opposite wall that it is currently.
  7. Walk up and over the platform as it rotates beneath you.
  8. Open the second treasure chest for an ancient shaft.

Terminal 1

Here’s how to find terminal 1 (and keep in mind that every step here is also pictured in the gallery above):

  1. Go to the map room.
  2. Move the cylinder closest to the map room so that the circuit is at the top.
  3. Move the middle cylinder so that the circuit is at the bottom.
  4. Paraglide from the map room ledge to the structure in the middle cylinder.
  5. Turn right, walk up the stairs and outside, turn right again, and then walk back inside. You’ll find yourself in a box with terminal 1.
  6. While you’re in the box, rotate the cylinder you’re standing in one click. (The closed circuit will be closest to you, assuming that Vah Naboris’ head is on the right as you look at the map.)
  7. Interact with terminal 1.
  8. Turn the cylinder three more clicks, so you can exit and return to the map room.

Treasure chest

These two walls are screaming "BOMB US PLEASE!"

At this point, you can also find another treasure chest. Stand in the map room and rotate the cylinders so that you make a horizontal bridge at the opposite end of the belly of the beast.

As you can see above, it doesn’t look very useful because both sides of it are blocked. (The round openings aren’t doors, in other words.) That’s not a problem, though.

  1. Walk up through the central cylinder platform (rotate it if necessary), out of Vah Naboris, and turn right.
  2. Use a remote bomb to destroy the wall that’s preventing you from reentering.
  3. Walk across the platform and throw a remote bomb toward the other wall blocking your path out of the belly of the beast. Detonate the bomb in the air near the door to destroy it.
  4. Paraglide over the gap, where you’ll find a treasure chest with an ancient spring.

Terminal 2

Arrange the map so that the two rotating sections farthest from the map room are at the top. This will make the end farthest from the map rotate, and give you access to the next terminal.

Here’s how to get to the terminal (and you can see it in action in the video below):

  1. On the floor in the belly of the beast, walk to the rotating section.
  2. Wait until you see a hole in the rotating section that you can walk into. (There are two holes, though. The one you want is the one that has a plank jutting out of the wall above it.)
  3. Walk into the hole and ride it up like a Ferris wheel.
  4. As you approach the top, the plank will be beneath you. Jump onto it and walk to the end closest to the wall.
  5. Ride the plank up until you can jump off onto the highest platform closest to the wall. (It’s the second platform you’ll see, not the first.)
  6. Jump from that platform over to two more platforms, across to the other side of the belly of the beast, and interact with terminal 2.

Three treasure chests

You can access three treasure chests from the platform where terminal 2 sits.

Treasure chests one and two (middle cylinder)

If you’re following our guide, you may have picked up the first two earlier, when we showed you how to get them using Revali’s gale. If you don’t have that or didn’t do it, then you can get them here, too.

To access these two treasure chests, you need to rotate Vah Naboris’ center portion. Rotate it so that the circuit is horizontal — once on the far end and once on the close end. Both are just a short paraglider trip away, but you have to move the center portion twice — once to get each chest.

After collecting the first treasure chest, you can do the Ferris wheel trick to return to the platform, rotate the center portion and paraglide over to collect the second treasure chest, or you can just rotate the center portion after you’ve opened the first treasure chest and climb over to the other side while it’s rotating.

Treasure chest three (hallway)

Jump down from where terminal two sits, and paraglide into the center of the rotating wall. There’s an eyeball in goo at the end of the hallway. Shoot it, and that’ll remove all of the goo you’d otherwise need to avoid. You also need to watch out for the rotating lasers and spikes on your way in.

At the end of the hallway, open a treasure chest for a knight’s shield.

Terminal 3

Allign all three closed circuits so they’re at the top, which will cause one end of Vah Naboris’ inside to rotate (just like with terminal 2). Get in either hole, ride it to the top and exit out the back.

Push the rotating device several times in one direction, and note which gear on the side moves. When an electrode arrives at the top, it’ll turn blue. Now push the device in the opposite direction until the other electrode turns blue, too.

Divine Beast Vah Naboris’ neck will rise (as you can see in the gallery above), and you’ll have access to an elevator. Take it up, step off and interact with terminal 3.

Terminal 4 and a treasure chest

When we had you rotate all three drums for terminal 3, it wasn’t strictly speaking necessary to complete that terminal. But your work is about to pay off.

The path from the top of the Ferris wheel to terminal 4 (in the distance)

Return to the center of Vah Naboris, walk through the rotating door, and you’ll be able to move directly across the platforms at the top of the center section because of how they’re arranged.

It may be easiest to wait for the door with the ledge underneath, like you did in terminal 2. Either way, jump off at the highest point and head straight across the inside.

A hidden treasure chest

When you cross all the way through Vah Naboris, you’ll exit through a small hallway. This is where you’ll solve the puzzle that leads to the next terminal. But don’t do that quite yet. Let’s get a treasure chest first.

Walk straight past the apparatus in the hallway, turn right and jump off the ledge. Use your paraglider to swing left and float down to a platform that’s just below where you walked in above. There, you’ll find a treasure chest with an ancient core. (Fun fact: This is the treasure chest you can see from the map room.)

Hop down off the ledge to make your way back into the belly of the beast.

Terminal 4

Take the Vah Naboris Ferris wheel back up to the top, and stop before the hallway. Your goal here is to route electricity using the apparatus jutting out of the wall, which then unlocks a new area to visit. (You can route the electricity because of how you rotated the cylinders above to make closed, green circuits.)

  1. Use magnesis to move the four objects in the hallway, so that two of each are touching the pads at the front, and two are touching the pads at the back. (If you do it backward, they won’t make contact, so just reverse the order.)
  2. When everything is making contact, walk through the hallway to the back of the pillar in the distance.
  3. Rotate the cylinders so that all three are on top. That’ll cause the platform where you’re standing to rise.
  4. Walk around the pillar and up the ramp until the eyeball opens up. (It won’t open until you get close). Kill the eyeball, which will open a path into the next room.
  5. Enter the room, turn right, and kill another eyeball. Doing that will clear the goo from the area.
  6. Head right, and climb up the … climbable part of the wall.
  7. Push the wheel until the switch below turns blue. This will also activate an elevator in the middle of the room. (And a platform that moves back and forth, but that’s a few steps away.)
  8. Take the elevator all the way down, and destroy the eyeball in goo in the corner of the room (and any floating skulls it spits at you). Now it’s time to take a couple of trips on the elevator.
  9. In the space between the bottom and top floor, there are two ledges. Ride the elevator, and use magnesis on both — one to get a treasure chest with an ancient screw and one to grab an electric ball. (If you’re having trouble grabbing either of these with magnesis, you can use stasis to stop the elevator first.)
  10. Drop the ball off the elevator and down to the bottom room. (We’ll be back for it later.)
  11. Ride the elevator back up to the top floor, and walk off.
  12. Out of one door, you’ll find a platform moving from this room to another. Walk on, and exit at the other side.
  13. Kill the guardian scout with the ancient battle axe who arrives on another elevator and collect your rewards.
  14. Take the elevator to the middle floor, where you’ll find terminal 4 just waiting for you.
  15. Interact with it, and feel good about the progress you’ve made. You’ve earned it.

Terminal 5 and a treasure chest

Before heading to terminal 5, let’s get another treasure chest.

Treasure chest

Take the elevator next to terminal 4 up as high as it’ll go. Exit, and look out the door to the treasure chest in the distance. Hop onto the moving platform (it’s actually the top of the moving platform you rode earlier). Exit on the far side, and open the treasure chest for topaz.

Terminal 5

Here’s how to find terminal 5:

  1. After getting the treasure chest, return to the room you came from and use magnesis to pick up the electric ball.
  2. Take it with you on the elevator to the bottom floor.
  3. Walk off the elevator, drop the electric ball, and kill the eyeball in the corner of the room. That will clear the goo above the door.
  4. Use magnesis to pick up the electric ball and move it so that it makes contact above the door. That’ll lift the gate.
  5. Enter the next room from the gate you must opened, and kill the two guardian scouts in there. Pick up their drops. And note that there’s another door you can now walk out. Hang tight. We’ll be there in a moment.
  6. Pick the electric ball back up, and bring it into the room where you killed the guardians. Place it on either side of the ramp.
  7. Now exit through the door on the opposite side of the room with the guardians, get confused for a moment, and then realize you’re in the room at the base of the other elevator, where the other electric ball is waiting for you (because you totally dropped it there earlier … but if you didn’t, ride the elevator up, and pick it up from a ledge between floors).
  8. Put the electric ball on the empty pedestal in the guardian room.
  9. That’ll open up the gate and reveal terminal 5. Interact with it and rejoice.

The main control unit

Form the platform with terminal 5, make your way back to the belly of the beast. You’ll need to rotate the middle section when you get there, so that the main control unit is facing up. Then you can just walk right up to it from a ramp on the side.

Doing so will trigger the boss fight with Thunderblight Ganon.

Thunderblight Ganon boss fight

How to prepare

Before you begin fighting Thunderblight Ganon, put on your rubber tights. They protect you from lightning damage, and boy is there a lot of that in this fight.

If you don’t have rubber tights, you can get them through the Serpent’s Jaws shrine quest. It will make Thunderblight Ganon’s lightning-based attacks much, much, much easier to deal with. Or you can always cook yourself some food or elixirs that increase your lightning damage resistance.

Finally, and as always, consider reading our Hearty Durians guide, so you can get yourself as many as 20 extra (temporary) hearts. They really help with boss fights.

Thunderblight Ganon phase 1

The first phase of the fight involves Thunderblight Ganon’s lightning-fast movements and actual lightning attacks. You need to do two things: block and attack.

Blocking his attacks is straightforward. Just lock on. If you get electrocuted and drop your shield or weapon, pick it up immediately. And as soon as you’re done blocking, attack him. It won’t do any damage at first, but your attacks will chip away at his shield, until it breaks.

We used the Master Sword for our fight, which we suspect chipped away at his shield faster than other weapons would have. If you don’t have it, check out our guide to getting the Master Sword. Or use one of the weapons that you got for defeating guardian scouts throughout Vah Naboris.

When he floats up high to shoot glowing lightning orbs at you, stay locked on but back away from him. It makes avoiding those orbs much easier.

Thunderblight Ganon phase 2

The second phase of the fight starts differently but ends in the same way as the first phase.

Thunderblight Ganon begins by conjuring metal pillars, driving them into the ground near you and then striking them with lightning. If you’re close, you’ll take lightning damage. Weird as it sounds, though, you want to be fairly close. That’s the trick to this phase.

Use magnesis on a metal pillar, and move the pillar close to Thunderblight Ganon. Lightning will strike it, throwing him off his game and back into a pattern similar to the first phase. Attack him, and repeat the process until he’s super dead.

Thunderblight Ganon rewards

Defeat Thunderblight Ganon, and you’ll receive Urbosa’s Fury, which calls down a lightning strike around you. To use it, just hold Y.

Completing the Divine Beast Vah Naboris quest

Return to Gerudo town (which won’t be hard, because you warp there automatically), and head to the throne room to speak with Riju, the Gerudo chief. (And, yes, you still have to pretend to be a Gerudo girl, so put on your lady clothes.)

After speaking with Rijui, look to the left of there throne. You’ll see two treasure chests, one with Scimitar of the Seven and one with the Daybreaker shield.

Try to take the thumderhelm, and you’ll unlock The Thundrehelm side quest.

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