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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Sah Dahaj shrine location and puzzle solutions

Power of fire

Sah Dahaj shrine is located to the east of Eldin Tower, in north central Hyrule.

  1. Light the foliage in front of you on fire with a bomb, torch, wooden weapon, arrow or whatever you like.
  2. Go through the opening you’ve created, and fight the guardian scout on the other side (use guardian weapons to make it easier).
  3. Climb up the ladder, and shoot the hanging lantern down with an arrow. That’ll clear the path ahead of you and expose another opening.
  4. Go through the opening you’ve created, walk down the stairs, and turn right.
  5. Use magnesis to grab a treasure chest sitting on a ledge. Open it for a knight’s bow with the quick shot upgrade.
  6. Use arrows to shoot down the hanging lanterns on either side of the fenced-in area. Each will ignite foliage and burn a wooden create behind the fence.
  7. Go meet Sah Dahaj and collect your spirit orb.

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