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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Qua Raym shrine location and puzzle solutions

A balanced approach

Qua Raym shrine is located in Eldin Tower region, in the middle of a lava river, on the path to Death Mountain.

  1. Use a fire arrow (or a regular arrow that you set on fire) to destroy the crate on the left.
  2. Get the small key from the treasure chest.
  3. Use the small key to open the locked door, giving you access to three large metal cubes.
  4. Use magnesis to take all three metal cubes out, and dump them into the middle of the room.
  5. Use magnesis to put a large metal block on the scale to the left of where you entered.
  6. Use magnesis to put a large metal cube near the stairs.
  7. Jump from above the stairs onto metal cube and onto the scale where you placed the first metal block.
  8. Use magnesis to move another metal block to the closest scale. That’ll lift your scale high up into the air.
  9. Turn around, walk off and open the treasure chest for a knight’s claymore with durability up.
  10. Jump down and walk on top of the scale where you got the treasure chest.
  11. Throw a remote bomb at the cracked wall next to the scale, and denote it when it’s close. That’ll reveal the exit.
  12. Put one metal cube on the scale where the treasure chest used to be.
  13. While standing there, put the two other metal cubes on the other platform. That’ll outweigh them, lift you up and let you leave.
  14. Walk off, meet Qua Raym and collect your spirit orb.

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