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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Mo’a Keet shrine location and puzzle solutions

Metal makes a path

Mo’a Keet shrine is located in northeastern Hyrule, between Eldin Tower and Lanayru Tower — and right next to Foothill Stable.

  1. Run up the central ramp, using stasis to stop any boulders heading your way.
  2. Turn right at your first opportunity, and use the stasis trick on a boulder rolling down the next ramp.
  3. Run up the right ramp, turn left, and open the treasure chest for a knight’s broadsword.
  4. Run back down the ramp and head to the ramp on the opposite (left) side of the room.
  5. Use magnesis to grab a boulder, and use that boulder to push the boulders behind it up the ramp as you walk up.
  6. Meet Mo’a Keet and collect your spirit orb.